My favourite Author and why?

30 Aug

My favourite Author and why?

Most of the time when we hear this question, we answer it wrong. Like, my favourite authors are… Or most favourite author is….

There is no favourite authors and nomost favourite ( wrong English )

I had this problem too, so I decided to write the name of the authors I liked and what I liked about them, then decide who is the best.

It was cumbersome but I did it, I DID IT!
YAY for me!

So the list was,

Richelle Mead
Lisa Kleypas
Jeffrey Archer
John Green
Colleen Houck
Colleen Hoover
Becca Fitzpatrick
Michelle Reid
Lorraine Heath
Maggie Osbourne
Stephanie Meyer
Sidney Sheldon
Tilly Bagshawe
Cecelia Ahern
Rick Riordan
Veronica Roth
Khalid Hosseini

Let’s stop there


So I wrote and found the top six—

1) J.K.Rowling
2) Lisa Kleypas
3) John Green
4) Maggie Osbourne
5) Rick Riordan 
6) Khalid Hosseini

Here it gets tougher and almost infeasible.


Then, I wrote the reasons books I love most by the particular authors….

J.K.Rowling- Harry Potter Series, Cuckoo’s Calling , The Silkworm

Rick Riordan- Percy Jackson Series.

Maggie Osbourne- The promise of Jenny Jones, Silver Lining, Foxfire Bride, The Wives of Bowie Stone.

John Green- The Fault in Our Stars,  Paper Towns.

Khalid Hosseini- The Thousand Splendid Suns, The Kite Runner, And The Mountains Echoed.

Lisa Kleypas- The Wallflower Series, The Hathaway’s Series, Capital Theatre series, Someone to watch over me, Blue Eyed Devil, I will stop there because honestly, I have read everything by Lisa Kleypas and there is no novel, not even a page that I don’t like.

I realized then that there are works which I have read by other authors that I do not like very much but there isn’t any novel scribed by this particular scrivener that I don’t like – so, you know who my favourite author is.


Lisa kleypas, Isn’t she Stunning?
A beautiful scrivener plus person

My second favorite author is


You know her, who doesn’t?  The writer of the best series ever since man’s existence. The one and only, Joanne.K.Rowling.

My third favourite,


Khalid Hosseini

Fourth favourite is


John Green, his name is enough to send me running to the bookstore

That’s my list, do comment yours

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