The tags I love most

08 Oct

A blog after almost a Month.. !

So today I am going to discuss the tags I love the most. I will start with the tags we find on goodreads, Amazon, infibeam, wattpad, etc. Then I will continue with the tags I prefer.

Tags on Goodreads—-

There are hundreds of tags on goodreads and all tags are further divided into many tags-

• Non-Fiction-

– Documentaries
– Biographies
– Autobiographies
– History
– Facts

• Fiction-


– Classics
– Suspense/Thriller
– Romance
– Dystopian
– Werewolf
– Vampire
– Zombies
Scottish Lords ( Yup that’s a popular tag )
Marriage of convenience
Best friends
Child involved
Love triangle
Kings or Princes
Another Cinderella Tale

I will discuss the rest in other blogs.

Now, my Favourite Tags—-

I will post my top five favourites-

Believe it or not, my favourite is classical romance


I am a die hard fan of classical romances/historical romances. Some Scottish ‘ Highlander ‘ romances are classical too, I dig them. Other than those, anything that is by Lisa Kleypas ( OH MY ), Tessa Dare, Holly Bush, Elizabeth Hoyt makes my day.

Secondly, my favourite is Suspense, the books like Cuckoo’s Calling, Inferno, Sons of Fortune, Angel of the dark, Silkworm ( sequel to cuckoo’s calling ),
The Mistress of the Game
, etc are the best.


I love this book, I will be posting a review of it soon.

Thirdly, my Favourite is Dystopian

The books that take you to some other world, which seems more exciting and thrilling than yours is always welcome.


Ring any bells?

Georgina Kincaid
– Hush Hush series
– Hunger Games series
– Vampire Academy series
– Divergent series
– Bloodline series
– Immortal Instruments Series
– Percy Jackson Series
– Twilight series
– The Host series
– Warm bodies
– And the God of All, Harry Potter series


Fourthly, hmm… There was a tie but I fixed it up…

Its marriage of convenience <strong


Mail order bride ?
Child involved
Forced marriage
What happens in Vegas, well stays in Vegas
These all come in my preferences for Marriage of convenience.
I don’t exactly like novels with heroines who are treated like doormats but it works if the hero is recompensing with proper begging or something equally cruel but satisfying in the midst.

Lastly, Its erotica, not guilty. Fifty shades wasn’t the first book I read under this popular tag which is ascending with time.

Whether there is sex involved in explicit or demurely ( I don’t think it can be expressed demurely but still ), I don’t care till the story is worth my time and penny.


There, my favourite movie ” Unfaithful “

Also, I love the book series ‘ fifty shades of Grey ‘ , have nothing against it.

Other erotica’s,

Well, you will have to wait for my next blog

” Love, Live, Let others do the same ”


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