Fifty Shades of Grey – The Series

21 Dec
Fifty Shades of Grey – The Series



1- Fifty Shades Of Grey
2- Fifty Shades Darker
3- Fifty Shades Freed

THIS IS A 18+ PLUS NOVEL.. So it will contain sex, the Author isn’t begging you to read it and review it …(Do I sound cruel? Well I am and so were you in your reviews)

We have a general right to speak and write what we want. If you don’t like a book, close, pack it and sell it on olx. If you can’t, then a small advice, always read an excerpt before buying a book. Yes, you have a right to write whatever you want about the book but please be a little bit careful because somehow you are hurting the feelings of the author. I found many reviews on goodreads and Amazon which looked honest from the heart, but some were disappointing, like a teen taking out his anger on the book.


I didn’t exactly love the first part of the book, I found it different, too much sex was involved. I even turned pages to read next. Yup, I turned pages when I found a thing I didn’t like. The story in general was very capturing. I LOVED IT. I hold nothing against the author and I have no right to.


Christian was a dominant man so yeah there were some scenes that might shock some people. Anastasia was a independent girl living in a independent country completing her college when her best friend falls ill. So, instead of her best-friend, she goes to take an interview. Christian who isn’t expecting her, is shocked if not a bit curious. Slowly, the interview turns into a disaster when Ana asks Christian if he is gay. The story carries itself from there, the story is funny, romantic, not a little bit lingering, and exciting. If you are shy of reading sex, then either don’t read it or skip it.


I have read it three time (with a huge time gap) already and I don’t think it’s Gross! It’s AWESOME!


The second part starts with forgiveness. Ana and Christian make another contract and decide to stay together only on certain conditions.
This book considerably is less explicit and the love story progresses.


If you don’t like explicit sex, dominance and a love story that can make you cry, don’t read it.

Trust me, you can turn pages for those scenes you call porn {a collection of images of something filthy, synonyms (pornography)erotica filming , filthy images} but you are missing a really Heartwarming and EMOTIONAL story.

Five bold stars!


The third and last part of the trilogy is my favourite. It starts with their marriage followed by an unplanned pregnancy which leads to another fight between Ana and Christian. Christian accuses Ana of many things which will make you want to Christian’s arse but ……..

Well, you will have to read to know what happens next.

Shyna Cliffe

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