24 Dec

                          —-  Rakesh Vadassery Thaiparambil

Rating – five stars (*****)

Whether it was the beginning or the ending, I can’t deduce but it just reached all the expectations I had, sailed through and crossed them.


Coffee is must

The writing style, the words used, the plot, the characters ( all of them) and the not-very-lingering but very coherent chapters made me addicted to this book. Maybe it was the way the writer explained everything starting with a beautiful portrayal of the island, the mountains and the Kallika river. 

When I started the book, I had no perception (whatsoever) regarding the story. The story came as a shock (a wonderful one at that). It could be the positive intuition I had for this book that led me to read it before the selected date. I heartily thank the author for writing it. 


A weak cover but the story is great


” It started with the marvellously exceptional depiction of the island and then the Sarpameru Mountain. The author then unfolded a story of a legendary Saint, Rishi Kshiprajyoti, a resident of main lands. He believed in self sacrifice and self renunciation. A non materialistic person who had trust in the power of celibacy. Out of his powers, an island emerges in which he and his eleven disciples live with Tripu( who had a short and a very delightful story too). Soon the deaths start, the eight headed serpent is killing them. He claims that the island is his. The Saint’s anger is menacing.

(Now here is a spoiler if I tell who won! So that is for you to read and find out.) 

Then, the other part (the main part) of the story starts, after a long time, this island has many societies living inside it, all have different characteristics. Some are indignant, some smart, some submissive, some dominative. Will this society which came to existence with the competence of a great soul come to void due to the war between the people of divergent Creed and regress with time or Will it prosper in trade, industry and economy by crushing the bars of creed, religious differentiations and start living happily in the heterogeneous Society? 

This book was amazing.

“Even a cat will attack if it is cornered.” 

Recommended to everyone

Also, I checked that the author wrote another awesome book. Though I haven’t read it, but I will do that next year, hopefully.

“The Travails Of An Indian Muslim”


I love the cover.

More about the books ——deliverance-of-sarpameru

Nishtha Singh

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