25 Dec

SHORT STORIES – This year was a good read year, I read 300 books (fiction, non – fiction, short and long stories) in all kinds of genre. It was blessed year, I am grateful to Goodreads for the awesome ARC’s I received this year and more than thankful to God to provide me with time and patience to read them.

There were some books I disliked and I honestly reviewed them as such, gave them one or two stars and posted a true review. Then, there were these books which I enjoyed to no end, the ones I recommended to my fellow readers.


I am so glad I am posting about them

The following books are some of my favourites by the same author, there are a few more (I shall post another blog for them)

•••                    SHE

                 EKLA CHALO RE

– Santosh Avvannavar, Dr.Shayan Haq




My Review – People can go ahead and marry trees or dogs but not marry the person of same sex in INDIA, it’s ludicrous. This book doesn’t criticise the Indian laws or its beliefs but very decently verbalises the truth.


This is not only a story but a guide. I have read almost all books by the author but this one’s my favourite. A short emotional and satiable read. I liked the characters, Kusum, Debu and Dr. Raj. The narration is very good. The story is short and sweet. The protagonist is someone you’d grow to respect with each line. 

I read a book, not long time ago, about women in general. It promised a nice story. I anticipated a lot from it, only to be chagrined at the end. This book, SHE, came with the same promises and it fulfilled all of them and more. I like my books with a story and this came with one . 

You are your own worst enemy. If you can learn to stop expecting impossible perfection, in yourself and others, you may find the happiness that has always eluded you.” 


An exemplary piece of work and a five starer.

•••         BLACK GREY & WHITE

            “No one is spared from it”

Santosh Avvannavar, Santosh I. Biradar


My Review —

I read three novels by the same author , this was his best one. Absolutely the best. Very nicely written, the five stories, some like a long essay whereas some like a play. The last story and the second were the ones which touched me most. This novel was not just a collection of five stories but anthologies that spread general awareness about HIV virus except the last chapter which was about two brothers, Cain and Abel ( reference from Bible) who are divergent. Cain wants money, desires all the wrong things , disobeys his father and befriends Lucifer( the Lord of darkness and hell). Only Cain can see Lucifer, I think Satan here was that negative part of our brain that manipulates our thinking, intentionally injures our pride and makes us do reckless things. Abel on the other hand was the brother that obeyed his father, Abram and respected his brother, Cain. He was the better son and Cain was jealous of him. What would happen when Cain tries to kill him? That is a spoiler.

At last, I would conclude by recommending it to everyone, and also ask to further recommend it to their friends to spread common awareness about disease like AIDS and suppress
the myths and depreciate them. 

•••             UMBILICAL CORD

A Cord That Remains, Always, In Many Ways…..

– Meena R Chandawarkar, Santosh Avvannavar

My Review —

Short vivacious 40 stories in one book. 


Who wouldn’t love that? I have read books by Santosh Avvannavar and Prof. Meena Chandawarkar and I liked those stories as well. I read ‘ Umbilical Cord ‘ during my visit to my uncle and aunt, it was a short journey and so was the book. 
My head generally aches if I read during a journey but I carry books as I don’t want to get bored. With an earphone plugged to my right ear, and this book in my hand , I started my journey. 

With each page, a life uncovered itself and I was lost. To be honest, the stories were short but only that’s a minus point in this book. Other that that, you will just get a different and better look of this world. This book didn’t just teach to love, to be resilient, to understand others but also to forgive! 

A welcoming set of stories that might just change your life


Authdas Journey Of Nine-Month Book Delivery!

Santosh Avvannavar, Shilpa Patil


My Review —

For an author, reviews play an essential role so I will be as fair as I can get… 

I expected less from this book, quite less…. But it surprised me, very much.

Have you ever seen Devdas, the movie? Well, this book had a similar story just one thing was different and that thing was the most essential part.. 

” As a wattpad author and a reader, even I fall in love with books and feel difficult to leave them ( after finishing) to start another one. Authdas, a writer by passion and engineer by profession loves Paro,a book. He wants to write it but complications arise. His father and mother want him to leave writing and be an engineer. He leaves Paro for ten years to go to London and study science. When he comes back, he comes with a promise to himself to write Paro and complete it but due to his parents, he is unable to follow his dreams. Then the suspense comes, just like it was in the movie, Gangawati gives Paro to some other author, Mahadev (an unsuccessful author). Authdas is furious and chagrined. 

What will he do? Here the story changes and the end is very satisfying.. 

I didn’t really like the movie( bcz I didn’t like the end) but I liked this book, that says it all.” 


                Two People Departed…
                 In Search Of Love….
                Leaving Love In Between

– Santosh Avvannavar, Jyothi Byahatti, Raghunath Babu Are


My Review –

3.5 stars actually…and continue reading before judging the book or the review…

“Its not just a story but a collection of stories. I liked the first one the best, just seemed more natural and vivacious than others…also even when the story was short, it seemed long and charismatically lingering. Then other stories came, some were funny and quite pleasant to the mind while some became dull in midst but they improved with pages. The writing was fast paced and cordial.”

A beautiful set of stories which won’t bore you and will make you understand many basics of the delicious feeling called Love.


My own set

Hope you all are doing fine. Do try these books, they are not expensive and easily available.

Also, keep liking! ..:)


I adore the covers

Nishtha Singh

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