2nd January

03 Jan

The Italian’s Rags To Riches Wife

by Julia James


He’s planning a bedding – but not a wedding…

Allesandro di Vincenzo is a connoisseur of women. A perfect male specimen, there’s no woman he can’t have – until Laura Stowe crosses his path, and he discovers there may be an exception to his rule… 

There’s no other word for Laura than…plain! What’s more, she’s poor as a church mouse, and hides behind her homely appearance to avoid getting close to any other human being – including Allesandro… 

But her family connections mean that Laura unknowingly holds the key to the door of ultimate corporate power that Allesandro craves. So he must grit his teeth and charm this ugly duckling out of her shell and in between his sheets – where, like all his fleeting conquests before her, Laura will learn what it is to be a beautiful, desired swan…


My Thoughts


Wow…from the start till the end, this book was heaven. 
Where both the leads, Laura and Allesandro was equally independent, stubborn and easy to fall in love with.

The story starts in Italy, where Tomaso comes to know about his granddaughter after his Son’s death. He asks Allesandro to get her. Here, the story starts. The heroine is not the usual shy beauty but adamant not really beautiful British girl who is broke. The bills and taxes are piling up and she has no one to turn to. Just then Allesandro comes at her doorstep with a news. 

Laura has nothing to do with her grandfather, her father never cared for her and her feelings for her father’s side of family are none. But Allesandro brings her to Italy with a bribe. Allesandro is doing it to get the resignation letter from Tomaso so that he can finally be the CEO of the company. Tomaso is not a lost player, he knows how to turn the game in his favour. He also wants what is best for Laura, thus he makes a bargain with Alessandro…


A fairytale read

It was like reading Cinderella all over again, just the Cinderella was stubborn and spoke her mind, a wonderful change.

Loved the story.

Five stars! 

Nishtha Singh


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