3rd January

04 Jan
3rd January


Powerful tycoon Alexei Constantin has only one thing in mind–destroying the Hawkwood empire

But Alexei doesn’t realize he’s just shared a passionate kiss with Eve Hawkwood, the beautiful daughter of his bitter rival Blackmail.

Alexei wants Eve. He’ll propose a night in his bed in return for money…he’ll push her to see just how far she’ll go….

And if she proves her innocence, he’ll claim her


Business tycoon Alexei Constantin has one thing on his mind – to destroy the Hawkwood family empire! But Alexei doesn’t realize he’s just shared a passionate kiss with Eve Hawkwood – the beautiful but innocent daughter of his bitter enemy..

Review —-

Speechless… It ended. What can I really say about this one? I think about the story and tears instantly come to my eyes. This was an emotional story. Both the protagonists are somehow scarred. Alexei and Eve’s story will make you cry, grit your teeth, scowl and growl. 

You will despise Alexei, you will misunderstand Eve…then suddenly the truth is out and you can’t help but feel bad for both of them. 

I started this book last night to help me sleep. It didn’t, now I can’t feel my fingers. I am typing all this somehow. I finally slept this morning at six. 

The story is mainly of Eve who hates a father for what he is, he is a scum. Alexie is vengeful. He will take his revenge, and destroy Giles Hawkwood (Eve’s daddy)
Loving Eve at first sight was not in the plan nor was taking a revenge from her. 

I literally cried throughout this book…I knew the end would be tough for the author to write. I wanted the book to continue or maybe a sequel. At last, she ended the story quite nicely. 

*****.* star


My first 5.1 star of the year…

Nishtha Singh

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