4th January

04 Jan
4th January

Another harlequin by Julia James



Will one night of unforgettable pleasure lead to a lifetime of hatred and desire…?

Rhianna has struggled against the odds to survive since that fateful night. But she knows that, one day soon, the secret she carries will cost her….

Sure enough, Greek tycoon Alexis Petrakis has discovered that their shame-filled night created something beautiful…a baby that he will do anything to reclaim….


My Review —-

..another book by Julia James…another great story.

It wasn’t short nor long. The story was emotional and heartbreaking. 

So many misunderstandings but I loved the protagonist, she was brave. 

As for the hero, Alexis Petrakis was hard to like. He was too alpha, too hard to please and an asshole. 

Oh he was… There were times when I wanted to just rub his nose on the ground. Yes, there were reasons for what he did but as I said before, he was hard to like. I couldn’t like his behaviour, his way of thinking much. That’s the reason I took the one star.


As always, the writer came with an incredible story. Rhianna, our heroine, was not a doormat. I remember that time in the story when she threw the wine at Alexis followed by tight slap on his cheek, I literally stopped reading, put my book back on the coffee table and clapped hard, earning myself some dubious glances from the people in the room.

Four stars

††††, wish I could give more stars but I couldn’t like the hero until the end came



Nishtha Singh

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