5th January

05 Jan



He’ll bed her, expose her then destroy her…Lissa works hard to help her sister… even if that means having to put on false eyelashes and flatter wealthy men… Xavier Lauran has pursued Lissa from the moment he walked into the Soho casino. The last thing she needs is the dark, lethal sexuality of the Frenchman. But she can’t resist….

Xavier has woven a web of deceit to catch her! And now he’s trapped her–he’ll ruin her!




As it is, I am completing all the books written by Julia James. I can’t get enough of her stories. They are different from others. 

About this one – Xavier is very protective of his brother. Last time, his brother fell in love, it was with a wrong woman who wanted just his money. He doesn’t want his brother to be falling for a gold digger again. So when Armand, his brother emails him about his girlfriend and tells him he is going to Marry her, Xavier starts his investigation.

Lissa on the other hand, is working hard, really hard to pay the bills and to take care of her sister. Her sister, Lila can’t walk. 

Xavier and Lissa’s story is not your usual one, there is suspicion from both the sides. Both fall in love but Lissa can’t be with him for a reason.

Xavier realises that Lissa actually loves his brother but what about his love? He makes the right decision and tells her about his feelings. Lissa feels the same for him. 

Then, there is a big misunderstanding, a huge one. 

What I really like about this novel was the end! 

Oh not because it finally ended but because Xavier finally comes to know the truth. 

Four stars…:) 


Hot chocolate time...:)

Good morning

Nishtha Singh

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