6th January

06 Jan
6th January



When Angelos Petrakos spies supermodel Thea Dauntry in a swanky London restaurant, he knows she’s not really the effortlessly elegant woman she seems to be…

For Thea, Angelos’s reappearance is disastrous! Dining with a viscount on the verge of proposing, the last thing she wishes to be reminded of is the street–smart, quick–tempered girl she once was.

A lucky encounter years ago with the gorgeous Greek tycoon enabled Thea to make something of her future. But Angelos can’t forget how she used him—and he’ll stop at nothing to bring her down. Not even seduction…



3.5 stars means I didn’t like the story that much.

The story starts with Thea coming across Angelos again after five long years. She whose life was ruined by Angelos once. Then, we go to the past and realise that to some extent, the girl did deserve it (from hero’s POV) but we also share a hatred of Angelos with Thea. In the present, Angelos commands (who does he think he is?) Thea to break up with Giles and she does. To make the breakup more credible, he takes her to many places, one of them being Switzerland where they talk about the past. 

Thea never seeks her revenge was what bugged me the most, Angelos destroyed her life TWICE NOW, and she just sat with him for dinners and other casualties. The writing was as usual articulate and beautiful. I again loved the end. That fall from the mountain, that distrust, that final heartbreak and revenge….

3.5 stars….
If only Angelos had rubbed his nose more.


Now its 7... On track

Nishtha Singh

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