7th January

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7th January



The shamed mistress…Alexa Harcourt only ever spends one night, perhaps two, with Guy de Rochemont – never more. On her arrival at his Italian villa or his Monaco mansion, designer dresses and diamonds await Alexa – the woman who knows she can never be anything more than The de Rochemont Mistress. Guy’s name is a byword for wealth and power – and now his duty is to wed. Virgin heiresses covet pride of place in his marital bed. But Alexa – the one woman Guy wants – is also the one woman whose reputation forbids him to take her as his wife… 



4.5 stars…

I loved the story, the flow and the writing but my favourite thing about this story was Alexa Harcourt.

  Alexa Harcourt never realised how and when she fell in bed with Guy de Rochemont and then in love with him. Then, one day, everything collapsed. Guy told her that whatever they had is over, he will never be seeing her again.
According to him, he had to marry someone of his own status and he had already decided who she would be.

Imogen, her best friend forced her to come out of her Lala land where Guy was a good man. At first she refused but she knew that she had to live and continue with her life. So she went out with Richard, a friend of Imogen. Guy and his fiance, Loiusa were also at the same gala. When Guy saw Alexa in the arms of another, he went cold. Nothing seemed important more than getting Alexa out of here with him, alone.

Imogen had warned Alexa about Guy. Alexa never thought Guy would still want her as a mistress even after her engagement to Loiusa so when he tells her about his plan to stay with her but discreetly, she loses it.

She leaves everything behind and goes to another place where Guy can never come.

But well Guy is Guy, he buys the company she is working under and finds her….

Last minute thoughts —

This was a story which you can not leave in midst, I read it last night and I couldn’t sleep all night. I slept today early in the morning.


There is my Alexa

††††.† stars

Nishtha Singh

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