8th January

08 Jan
8th January


In his world, everything–and everyone–is for sale!”

In London, England, at the most glittering social event of the year, all eyes are on sexy South American billionaire Diego Saez. Already infamous for his astounding rise from rags to riches, Diego is convinced that everything and everyone can be bought….

Society heiress Portia Lanchester has been left penniless. Diego wants her. Now Portia’s got only one chance of survival–if she’ll surrender to his blackmail…and to him…in his bed!


My review —-

I can just say I didn’t like the story.

I am giving the 2.5 stars just because I sort of liked the end. 

The story started with a hero who thought he could get anything he want. He had a miserable past and he took no chances with the present. 

The heroine of the story was confused throughout the story of whether she hated the hero or not. Portia was not a role model and she isn’t in my favourite heroine list either.


The story is okay.

**.* stars

Nishtha Singh

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