11th January

11 Jan



Step into a world of sophistication and glamour, where sinfully seductive heroes await you in luxurious international locations.

She was working as a waitress when the most mindblowing man walked into her weary, drab world and, in the blink of an eye, swept her into his!

Carrie Richards has stepped into the glittering world of Greek billionaire Alexeis Nicolaides. Luxurious hotels, designer clothes and rare jewels are all hers…if she wants to pay the price. Could life get any better? No! What they share in the bedroom is explosive, but the consequences of one night together lead to a shocking end to Carrie’s fairytale.

She discovers that Alexeis is not her Prince Charming…he is a man who will make her his – no matter what the cost!



First my reaction °°°

🙂 nice start
😉 here the hero comes
:)) oooh he is going to just change her life
😐  um…okay, what is he doing?
:/  Okay Carrie, time to leave or murder him
😦 Oh No
🙂 He is not a jerk anymore
:)) He understands

Carrie Richards worked as a waitress, she was new in London and was shy of people around her. When Alexeis Nicolaides takes his first step in her life, she can’t keep track nor control of her emotions. She likes him at first glance.

But who wouldn’t?

Other guys maybe :p



Alexeis is not only super rich, he is extraordinarily handsome. Suddenly, the tray in Carrie’s hand is shaking, the liquid falls on the dress of the girl sitting with Alexeis. Carries asks for forgiveness, but the girl is stubborn. She makes her pay by taking her job.
After no job, Carrie does not know what to do, probably search for another so she makes her way home.

There comes a sleek car of her hero. Alexeis then changes her life by taking her to various places. It was supposed to be a lift, then a dinner, then a one night stand, then two



Yeah, we can panic now…

As it is, if a heroine starts living a peaceful life so either the book has come to an end or a massive disaster is just on the way.

There comes Alexeis Mom who has been pressing him for marriage and kids. Also comes his step brother, Yannis who, I tell you, is my favourite character in the book. If he hadn’t told Carrie about certain things about certain person, she would be a doormat without realising it.

Alexeis to finally shut his mother’s mouth decides to unveil Carrie in front of her. He takes Carrie to a party in a slutty dress, hair open and diamonds adorning her neck. Carrie feels the stares and glares, what she can’t understand is the hushed whispers in some foreign language.

The story is sixty percent complete by then…..

From there, we finally come to despise the hero. How the author takes the story from here is quite plausible.

Carries finally grows a spine.

The story was full of surprises. I loved the end.

4.5 stars


Carrie Richards

Nishtha Singh

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