17th January

17 Jan

                      ——–    LINDA HOWARD



Dreams and reality collide—with potentially deadly consequences—in this stunning novella from New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard, available for the first time as a standalone ebook at an unbeatable price!

House painter Thea Marlow hasn’t been sleeping very well. Her nights are plagued by dreams, the setting by the water and the mysterious man who appears in them always the same. But the outcome of the dream changes nightly: sometimes the man loves her…and sometimes he kills her. Desperate for some much needed relaxation, Thea travels to her family’s remote country lake house. Imagine her surprise when a knock at the door reveals the man from her dreams…who happens to have just rented the house next door.

So will he love her—or will he kill her?

Originally published in the anthology Everlasting Love by Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz, Linda Lael Miller, Kasey Michaels and Carla Neggers


Let me introduce you

House-painter, Thea Marlow


Theodore Marlow

And the Man of her Dreams, also her delicious New Neighbour, Richard Chance.


My Richard

Richard who she both desires and fears, he comes in her dreams, makes passionate love to her and then

Kills her.

Way to impress a girl, Man..

So well, when he knocks on her front door, the first thing Thea wants to do is run. Richard still with his charms manages to talk to her, and hold her. For some reason, Thea is very terrified of water and Richard helps her in if not overcoming the fear then in facing it.
             She starts to trust him till another dream comes.

A very well written story but well, What do you expect from Linda Howard?

Uhuh uhuh, the best.

I loved the story, from the passionate starting to the emotional but completely happy ending.


Till next time, be kind to all.

Nishtha Singh

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