20th January

20 Jan

       —- Sandip Khade



“When we read a novel, all the characters in it are suppose to be fictitious; and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, must be entirely coincidental, right? But what if one day you find a Novel and when you start reading it, you feel that you know the characters in it? You feel that you are familiar with the incidences in it. Will it be just a coincidence…?

Sometimes some people come in our life, they live and then leave, with a hole in our soul, which we can feel but can’t fill, we try to survive but end up DeadAlive”

My Review —


It’s a almost four star actually.

“The heart has its reasons—of which
reason knows nothing.”

—Blaise Pascal … The story was a suspenseful one. To all those readers who don’t believe in dropping the book amidst. 

Why you should read this book—- 

If you’re looking for a different story, looking for a new author, a cute love story, looking for a book at cheap price, are travelling, then this is it FOR YOU.

It was a book that made me curious from the start about the mysterious novel which the protagonist found in the packet. Honestly, I wanted to creep in to the last pages but being a strict reader, I didn’t. I loved the cover, it was going in sync with the title of the book ‘DeadAlive’. As for the love story, it was lovely, from friends to lovers. 

Looking forward to new books by the author.


Giveaway for this book –

Heartbreaking news

Pak University attacked by terrorists, 25 dead, many injured.

I can never understand why some …don’t know what to call them, they are not humans…. Well, whatever, RIP students who died. They believe in their God, I do too and I know they will pay for this, again and again …there is no heaven for terrorists, just plain old nasty burning HELL.



I will leave on a happy note…



Nishtha Singh


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