21st January

21 Jan

          Today, I will write about my favourite movies.

My favourite ten movies of the year 2015 (not the ones that came out last year but the one I watched last year)

These are the movies which may not be popular much and maybe, you haven’t heard the name of some (the last line is for the non-americans and non-british)

So I will start …

Number 10 – Bachelorette

Well, you have surely seen the trailers of this movie.

It was a really funny movie. The story is mediocre. Three friends reunite for a friend’s wedding who was ridiculed in highschool. Secretly they all are jealous, they ruin their friend’s wedding gown unintentionally. All three bridesmaids (Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan) go on a frantic search for a replacement, but …


Number 9 –  Belle and The Beast – A Christian romance story.

A beautiful story. It is a movie which you can see with your family and enjoy every minute. A story about a girl who is content if not happy with her life and about a Man who has lost his trust in God. He is called the beast by everyone in the town. He is rich and handsome and needs an assistant. Belle’s father accidentally breaks his art piece. Belle as a payment agrees to work for the beast.


Number 8 – Ugly Truth

I am pretty confident most of you have heard of this one. I loved the movie. It didn’t have lame jokes. Some jokes were dirty but very funny.

The chemistry between the actors is just WOW.


Number 7 – Leap Year

Who doesn’t love a romance?

This story is so beautiful.


Number 6 – The Proposal

It was a comedy. I love Sandra Bullock and I love her acting. An awesome movie with two endings.

Yup, it has an alternate ending which you

can find on YouTube.


Number 5 – The Wedding Date

A great romance.


Number 4 – The Nanny Express

Another movie you can watch with your parents and enjoy.


Number three – Silver Linings Playbook

Oscar winning and my favourite actress Jennifer Lawrence’s and Bradley Cooper’s best acting.


Number 2 – Trainwreck

Check my previous blogs on favourite person on 2016 and you’ll know about this uberawesome movie!

I love Amy Schumer!


Number One – The Blind Side

A true story, an award winning film with Sandra Bullock….

What more do you want?


This is my list.

Have a nice day!

May Peace be upon us!

Nishtha Singh

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