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25th January

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That's Madhu in the cover.

The Mobile Phone
            ByPankaj Suneja

There is nothing better in this world than books.


The Mobile Phone is a story of connecting with child within. The story is set in Delhi and deals with the lives of Rohit, a tutor, and Prabhu, a child he teaches in the city. The author uses “the paper mobile phone” as a symbol to connect with someone who is absent. Someone we seek or someone who could hold us in our helplessness. The novel makes an attempt to understand death and deal with mourning. It looks at child’s play and fantasy life. It also looks at adults who are evolving in relationship.



This book is the second book written by Pankaj Suneja. Gulabi was the first book which had a short story (I will review it in my next blog)

What is The Mobile Phone about?

If you read the book, don’t just read it, understand the story. The story is about five different people.

••• Aakash –

“A man’s vanity is more fragile that you might think. It’s easy for us to mistake shyness for coldness, and silence for indifference.”

I read this somewhere and it reminds me of Aakash. Aakash was in army serving for the nation when due to an injury, he was rushed to the hospital. It was a major injury, he was in coma for a year, after that he was taken back home. He lives with his wife and son. The government gives him money for his work in the army every months which is the only income in the family.

••• Kumar —  The story started with him and he was the centre of the story. Kumar’s and Rohit’s relationship is friendly, happy and of love. The author didn’t take the relationship to a whole new level though. I would have liked to know if Kumar had those kind of feelings.

••• Rohit –Rohit is Kumar’s bestfriend, his room mate and Prabhu’s tutor. He is the one who plays a role in both the stories.

— Rohit And Kumar’s

— Aakash, Madhu, Rohit and Prabhu’s

••• Madhu Prabhu’s Mother, Aakash’s wife Madhu is a simple housewife who loves her son but strangely doesn’t know how to win his heart.

••• Prabhu — A smart kid.

The story is about these few people living in their world, expressing their emotions, feeling new emotions, mourning loss, getting through it and encouraging others to do the same. Prabhu found his peace through Rohit, Rohit through Kumar. A beautiful story if not long. The starting was great though the end was a bit fast, the author rushed at the end to explain some important things. He left some things to the reader’s mind.


Four stars.

A brilliant story, a lot different from his last one.


My copy

**** stars

Nishtha Singh

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