29 January

28 Jan

“There are some experiences in life they haven’t invented the right words for.” 


Freely we serve

Because we freely love, as in our will

To love or not; in this we stand or fall


Love not the body but the heart.

See not with eyes but with soul

Should the LGBT community get equal rights when it comes to marriage?

First of all, I am not insulting or degrading the Indian law or any other country’s law by this blog. I am not against their judgement and I know what they do is for a reason.


I am just writing my own thoughts.

Secondly, If you are not a supporter, don’t comment rude things. I will just delete your comment and flag you. You can write your thoughts, without using foul language.

And thirdly, if you are a supporter, buddy I am too.


Hollywood played a ginormos role in introducing the reality of gay and lesbian lives to not only Americans but many people across the world.

Not only Hollywood, but the books written by different renowned authors like Cassandra Clare , Lisa Kleypas, J.R.Ward ( all bestsellers) also played an essential role in acquainting a layman about the actuality of gay people.

Is it so difficult for Bollywood to tread the same path? No. Is it willing to? No. The problem is not lack in acuity, no, their vision is certainly suitable, take NH10 ( honor killing, road mishaps, abduction ) for example, a divergent concept and plot.


Gabbar? Not so, one person can’t change the system or take the law in his hands, illicit if you ask me. Did I love the movie though, HELL YEAH.


Let’s check the Indian books, Is there any made on a Gay’s life? Is any author willing to? No. Again the main hindrance is not only approval, its also execution. Indians aren’t ready to tell or write stories about gay lives, about the harm done to them and their family due to their so called DIGNITY .

I am looking forward to the day when I see a movie based on a Gay’s life and read a book by a famous author based on one. Envisioning a day when the people’s perception about gay marriage is not horrifying or comical but corresponding, fair, understanding and just. Gay do not want sympathy, they want liberty, and real entity. Bring a change, Welcome a change, Respect a change because Change is the Law of nature.


I read a news today about a third year student escaping from her house. Her parents told the police that she was abducted. She was actually living with her girlfriend who is a 25 year old shop owner in Agra. They are living together. The parents are angry as the police isn’t doing anything. The police told the parents that their daughter is an adult and according to Indian law, has complete liberty to live wherever and with whoever she feels comfortable with. They can’t marry but can live together.


Not every fairytale has to have a girl and a boy in it. Sometimes, Love is sufficient.

I will end with a song.

Nishtha Singh

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