20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th feb

23 Feb
20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th feb

Review of Breakup Before Love


Ratings – 3.5 stars



Anoop, a crazy lover, struggling to lead a normal life and slowly moving towards it too, meets Ritu, the girl he loved. On seeing her after three years, he is confused whether she will recognize him or not. Her sudden reappearance drags him into the past. Friendship, love and betrayal had left him blank and completely stranded, but the way she reacts on seeing him gives him a ray of hope. It seems as if nothing had gone wrong between them. They hug each other and burst into tears unmindful of the people around them. Anoop repents for the dreadful mistake he had committed in the past and now wants her back in his life. He requests her for a permanent relationship. But will Ritu come back into his life again? Will she forgive him? And, will their life start over again?


My Review — The story started with Anoop reminiscing the days with Ritu, missing her and being mysterious as to why he left her in the first place. In the market, where he is recalling some memories, he overhears a voice asking for the price of a particular bag, the voice is Ritu’s. It has been three years but he still remembers her voice as clearly as yesterday.

They meet and we are back in time (years ago)


The story slowly begins from that point. The love story of Anoop and Ritu is not exactly the best, its fast, cute and heartbreaking. It did not meet my expectations but it also didn’t stop me from reading the complete story.

It is a short story and for a story as short as “breakup before love” it was really well written. The writer narrates the story in a very simple language, you don’t have to fish out your dictionary to search a word, that is a plus point.
The end is something I am not telling so buy the book if you want to know …

Get your copies. Kindly visit below link: ( ( (

I will give it a three.five stars.


I know I am posting in longer gaps than usual but cope with me, I just started a job, lot of duties to do.

Enjoy life, you just have one to live. Make people happy especially your Mom and Dad, they are the one who care about you no matter what.

Nishtha Singh

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