1st Week of March

01 Mar
1st Week of March


Fluffy and Me


by Anita Krishan (Goodreads Author)

 4.25  ·  Rating Details  ·  4 Ratings  ·  4 Reviews


A heartwarming true story of selfless love and boundless devotion that only canines are capable of showering.’Fluffy and Me’ is a journey full of laughter and tears, fun and fear. It is a moving, Sensitive, hilarious and deeply touching story of undying friendship between a young girl and her Lhasa apso, and of their escapades as life glides from childhoood to maturity in the pristine hills and valleys of the Himalayan town of Shimla

Review –

Remember hachiko? The dog story with Richard Gere as the hero , okay the Akita dog was the protagonist.  Remember falling in love with that little four legged specie?


I do. I remember loving the movie and crying my eyes out throughout the movie.

In this book, you will read a story where in the city Shimla (in 1960), many strange things are happening. The conditions are not good because India is not in peace with Pakistan and vice versa 

There is this little independent girl who wants nothing but a little dog. She gets him and names him fluffy. Fluffy is just like any other normal dog. He loves everyone in the family, hates everyone outside. Fluffy who makes the surroundings safer and pleasant is at first sight my hero. I love imagining him walking with a little girl, protecting her, acting like he is above all.


Actually, my love for this books ramped up because I have a little hero of my own. He is just like fluffy. The story of fluffy made me happy, content, and a little sad in the end (mostly, because the author made some facts clear, one of them being, you can live for many years, your animal/s can’t)


The story was about living in the moment, enjoying every part of it especially with a living being who accepts you for who you are. Dogs or any other pet doesn’t care what you look like or how intelligent you are, what matters to them the most is how much time you are spending with him/her.


I love you!!!

I love the book.
There were some editing problems. The date and year confused me but it didn’t sour the story!

Four.five stars.

Nishtha Singh



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