2nd Week of April

11 Apr
2nd Week of April

Feeling better now, fever and spots gone

So let’s continue with the talks on promotions..


What can be the cheapest but one of the best way of promotions?


Yep, you may not think so but reviews play a very essential role in your book promotions!

How so? And How to get reviews?


Take me for an example. I generally check the book’s reviews on before purchasing a copy. Yes, there are many others things I consider as well but if I like the reviews, I skip the rest. Also, because of the same thoughts I started writing reviews. Before, I wrote reviews of the books I purchased but now I mostly write the reviews of the books I have received for review. I take my time but still post in a month or so.

Now, the answer to the other question is simple. You can PM (personal message) the reviewers yourself or get your assistant to do it. Some reviewers charge money and I think its okay as reading a book in a busy schedule can be a hard task. I don’t charge money but take only the books I like (the excerpt or some cases the cover influence me.)

You have to clarify everything with the reviewer or blog writer and then mail him/her/them the book. Generally, some authors tend to take help from Goodreads, well let me tell you one thing, your Goodreads “giveaways” might not get you the reviews ‘always’ as Goodreads itself makes it clear that “please if possible then write a review.”

Those may not be the exact same words used but they mean the same. I took part in giveaways before, still do sometimes and have seen this thing with other readers (some of them my fellow Goodreads friends) —- they post a two or three line review. This review is equal to the rating so it doesn’t really qualify as a review. Please try to get a reviewer who is ready to post a good and an honest review.

Secondly, look for a blog writer who has good fan-following. I do not have a following on WordPress but have about 60k readers on wattpad (a very good app). You can check with wattpad authors too.


I will conclude with this last point,

I know people think cover doesn’t matter but sometime (with lost cases like me) it does. Try not to make your cover look dull. The cover should be able to speak a little about the story and if possible, it should be able to capture attention which is possible only if it is  –



Take this cover for example, it tells a lot about the story, it is different and pretty.

Now, let’s take another example.


All these things I’ve done, another brilliant story with an equal awesome cover. The covers matters, not much, but if its your debut then do spend on the cover.

Nishtha Singh


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