3rd Week of April

27 Apr
3rd Week of April


A very busy week, still no update on stories. No books read in the last two days, feeling a little duller than usual but hoping to catch up with the Goodreads challenge soon.

Completed with three courses on coursera (creative writing). Four more assignments left, then the capstone story.

Really excited about it.


How are you guys doing?

I received some questions on promotions from some of you guys this week, I will answer them very soon here itself.

As for the wattpad readers, there will be updates sooner than you think.

I will be posting two of my book’s chapters this week, I am not revealing the name yet.

What are you reading?

Currently, I am reading the “Coinman” by Pawan Mishra. It has strong content and the author has a way with words.

Can’t say more right now, but I am halfway done and it is still interesting…so you will get to know soon.

Job is slow and steady…two months done…:) feels like an year!

Also, forgot to mention, I almost broke my nose while taking a selfie.. So a caution, do not try to take a selfie when you are half conscious.

Nishtha Singh

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