The Best Six Places To Travel

27 Apr

Travel And Leisure

Choosing a perfect vacation spot is very difficult but I will make it easier for you in this particular article. Now, you do not need to conduct a research. Using opinions and recommendations from some travel experts, this list of destination is written. From the coastal getaways, like Puerto Rico and Maui, to big cities, such as New York and Paris, the top six destinations are here. So, if you are planning your next vacation, then continue reading.


 If you have never visited London before and are looking for the best vacation, then this is the place. There is just so much to do in London that you would not be bored. Travellers are mostly interested about the major sights like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London but let us be honest; there are not just two places to visit in London. You should never miss visiting the Cabinet War Rooms, the Tate Modern and the National Gallery. Lastly, never forget to visit the restaurants as the British food is delicious.


Istanbul is the place where Asia and Europe meet. This beautiful city is where you find the centuries old mosques and churches. This vibrant city has galleries, nightclubs and modern restaurants where you can spend your holiday happily and contently. If you are already planning to visit, then plan to visit a hamman (traditional bath) and get your skin scrubbed clean for just $20. Your loofah has no comparison to this scrub.


We all have dreamt of visiting the Eiffel Tower once in our life and Paris is called the city of love not just because of the amazing wonder. Paris is famous for its restaurants and nightclubs. In this beautiful city, you should never forget to visit the Notre Dame and The Louvre. Also, take some time out to eat in the city’s amazing bistros, cafes and brasseries. And if you want some change in your wardrobe, then shop, Louis Vuitton is here for you.


Rome is called the Eternal City and I think that is for a reason. You can drink directly from a street fountain in Rome fed by an ancient aqueduct. Also the vibrant city is famous for its contrasts, just think of a place that has both La Dolce Vita and the Vatican, its heaven.

New York

It’s completely okay to wander around if you are visiting New York, people understand your curiousness. New York is popular among the travellers for many reasons, such as the Times Square, the Met, and Statue of Liberty, and if you are a sight seer then this is the place for you.


Spain is for every traveller. The city has it all, from Barcelona’s unique blend of Catalan culture to the distinctive architecture, from nightclubs to stylish hotels. The best preserved Gothic Quarter of Europe is here and you will find the amazing architectural works by Gaudi. The masterpiece of Gaudi, La Sagrada Familia, is under construction. And if you are favoring a picnic then which place is better than La Boqueria market?

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the second largest city and is the cultural heart of the country. Winter Palace and the Kazan Cathedral are one of the splendid architectural gems of the world. Also, browse the famous art collection of the Hermitage whenever you get time. St. Petersburg will offer you such nightlife, amazing food and cultural destinations that will make you want to visit the city once more.


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