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27 Apr

Dumpster Rental Services

If you are getting your home remodeled or constructing your house, then you need a dumpster rental service. If you are hesitating then don’t. I will discuss the pros and cons of dumpster rental service and tell you how to choose the best.

Difference between dumpster rental service and Junk removal –

Dumpsters are generally best for the projects that last for several days, like, construction or remodeling of your house or your business company whereas Junk removal are good for only small projects. You must have read on advertisements of Junk removal that “they will do all the work for you”, well they most likely expect an additional payment for the work as well. Even if you see some junk in your house and call them back, then you will have to pay for that extra trip. In case of dumpster rental services, you can take your time filling the dumpster and as the containers are huge, the dumpster rental service wouldn’t make second or third trips to take the junk. But in case of junk removals, if the junk is more than what they expected, then they finish the work in two trips. You will have to pay for this additional trip as well.

When you have to choose between a dumpster rental and a junk hauler, then give dumpster rental precedence as it comes with more facilities and all kinds of services important for the work.

According to, It can cost from $90 to $850, including dump fees, to rent a dumpster for three to four days. You location may affect the pricing.

Why is Dumpster rental important?

The dumpster rental is useful for many reasons:

  • Home Remodels
  • Removal of large items
  • Yard projects
  • House Construction, Dispose large amounts of debris
  • Remove waste material after the floor installation
  • Old and recyclable waste

These above given works can be backbreaking and almost impossible to do alone and renting a dumpster is the best option.

A dumpster rental service is one of the quickest and safest ways to clean the garage and to remove the junk from the house. Dumpster rentals are not just fast in their work but also very efficient. There are some people who want to get the dumpster rental services but are less knowledgeable about how to select the best dumpster rental service. Here it is:


You must have a dumpster rental service locally, firstly go through them. Check the customer reviews and complaints. If you find one efficient enough, then you can go through other important qualities, such as proper disposal, cost, etc. A local company is easy to work with, it is more aware about waste disposal sites, local recycling, and other important things. But if you do not have a dumpster rental service locally then check through internet about the closest one.

Proper disposal

If the previous dumpster rental service did not offer a good service, then check the background of the service you are hiring this time. The dumpster rental service should be efficient and experienced enough to determine the right size and type of dumpster for your work.


You should be able to understand the pay format. The person should clear everything about the price, tips, extra work, etc. Do not rent a service which does its pricing in quantities that is too complex to understand. Also, never forget to ask about penalties (in case of mistakes like improper loading) and hidden fees like truck mileage or hours. You pay for the delivery of the container, the haul and the amount of trash to most of the rental services but depending on the location, the cost may wary.

Even length of rental and size of the container can affect the price. Other things that might affect the price are the local taxes, like dumping taxes by the municipality and landfill costs.

Delivery and pick-up

Decide the kind of job you actually need from the company and select the size of the dumpster according to the answer. Do not just start looking for a company, determine your need first.

Most of the dumpster rental services are quick to deliver the dumpster and just as prompt in picking-up but there are still some companies which are slow in their work. It would be better if you plan ahead. Most rental services deliver their services within 24 hours but if your dumpster rental was late, then switch to some other company next time.

Make sure to check with the company if the pick-up will be on the same day or next. Also, if you are dumping a large amount of waste and might need the container again then check with the company about extra fees. Lastly, ask the company how the trash will be disposed. Is the trash going in a landfill or will it be given for recycling.


What to do just before renting?

A permit for dumpster rental is generally not required by most of the municipalities but still find out about the rules and regulations in your town or city with the rental.

Also, you might make this mistake so be warned. When you fill the dumpster with junk and they get full and heavy. This heavy dumpster may cause damage to your lawn, pavement or driveway so be careful and before you start filling the dumpster, place a huge piece of plywood under the dumpster’s wheel to get the weight distributed equally. I am telling you this because the dumpster service would not be held responsible for the damages to your property, you will be.

Another important point to note is “do not dispose any hazardous waste, radioactive material, chemical products and pesticides”. You might have some chemicals, old paints and containers of motor oil in your garage or basement and you might be thinking to dispose them off into the dumpster, but do not do it. You can be fined for it and the fine could be a large sum.

Always take note of the material you dispose of. The disposal of flammable materials, such as propane tanks, motor oil and aerosol cans is also prohibited. For more specifics, do not hesitate to check with your service.







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