01 May

I do not believe in diet or exercise but I do love yoga

Five Most Popular Yoga Poses

Some people among us have to start the day early and hence, they do not have the time for meditation classes or hour long yoga. And then there are some who are too lazy to check their email and answer messages. But what if 10-15 minutes yoga boosts your stamina and saves your time simultaneously? You would think about it. Morning exercise is very essential for your body, just as important as your morning breakfast but if you cannot take some time out of your busy schedule to visit a gym then try yoga. Yoga is easy to do, no unnecessary lifting weights, no crunches and zero expense.

I will discuss the five most popular yoga poses that will make your morning fresh and bright, and make you feel relaxed throughout the day.

Now take a deep breath and start reading

 Surya Namaskar

Start your day with a salute to the sun and the sun will give you Vitamin D in return.

The “Namaskar” to the sun is of several different but easy postures. Traditionally, they are practiced as the sun is rising and I think it is the best warm-up one can get. Overall, they work all of the 7 chakras of the body and sync the flow of the breath with the movement of the body.

You will feel light and a sense of inner peace will enter your body after you do the Surya Namaskar.


This asana is also called Chair pose. Imagine a chair and sit on the invisible chair with your hands raised towards the sky. You do not have to do much; just bend your knees and your buttocks. The pose is also called awkward pose (as you are sitting in an imaginary chair) and wild pose.

You should follow Utkatasana after Surya Namaskar as it will generate heat in your body and promptly increase your energy. Yoga Teachers training India advice the same thing as this yoga activates the core and the mind. Your mind which was sleeping until now will wake up and encourage you to do more.


After you do this pose, it will become your favorite. Keep your forehead to the floor while kneeling and bring your chest down onto your thighs. With your hands next to your feet, lengthen your arms by your side. It is quite comfortable but if does not seem comfortable to you, place your hands underneath your forehead.

Through your nose, take a long breath. Your ribs will widen and the back of your chest will expand with the motion and as you exhale through the nose, try to sink your buttocks back down towards your heels. You will feel your spine curving over your thighs. Yoga Teachers Training India suggest to follow this asana after the Utkatasana.


Place your palm on the mat and move into a tabletop position. Your wrists should be directly beneath the shoulders and knees beneath the hips. Look forward as you inhale and check if it is comfortable to your neck and direct your face towards the sky. Now, exhale as tuck your chin to the chest. Continue this for at least five times and you will notice a sudden change in your body. You will feel more active.


Stand straight; take a deep breath in and out. Now, start bending your body. Touch your hands to your feet and let the upper body hang. If you notice no change in your lower back, start straightening your body. Find length through the spine as you inhale and exhale as your head moves towards the feet (Note: do not be quick about this pose, do it slowly). Do it at least 10 times and get ready to greet the day with a smile on your face.

But do not forget your breakfast after yoga.

Yoga is very essential for your body. It can you change your view toward early mornings and manual tasks. Give it a try and experience the world.




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