Planning Your Career?

02 May

Creating A Road-map For Planning Career

Education is evolving quickly. New technologies that change our way of learning and understanding are slowing making their way in the education field. Today, many colleges have their own applications which students use to share videos, documents and news. Before, laptops or PCs were important but today they are a must, both for online learning and college. At every level and for all people, rapid changes are coming to offer better means of education. You are never too old to study or to get that degree you wished to have. Are you funds not allowing? How to plan your career? What to do and what not to do while career planning?

Finance Related Plans

We all want the best education and best college but sometimes, the education fees makes us hesitate. Start planning for career now.

A 529 Account

529 plans, also known as a “qualified tuition plan”, is a tax-sheltered savings account particularly reserved for college funds. It is very essential to choose a student savings plan if you or your child is planning for college. A prepaid tuition plan can be selected by the plan holder that allows him to buy credits from institutions. Another plan (for parents) is a college savings plan that lets them set aside a part of their income, allowing it to accrue until the monies are disbursed to the student.

On the SEC’s official website, more detailed information about 529 plans is provided by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

U.S. Department of Education Recommendation

The department recommends to parents the following three strategies before planning for college:

  • Discuss different careers with your child to get at least a sense of what interests him/her most.
  • Adopt different strategies for taking tests, such as making flashcards, rewriting notes.
  • Keep in constant touch with their academic progress


P2P Loans

P2P loans means person to person lending and it is just another safe option of college planning. On a P2P site, you can request for a loan and a group of lenders or an individual lender may provide the loan. The interest rate is set by the site.

Some student loan P2P sites are GreenNote, People-Capital, Virgin Money and Lending Club.

Private Scholarships

You can also apply for private scholarships. Non-profit organizations, unions, clubs and companies offer hundreds of private scholarships yearly. Scholarships are available for all students, from academically gifted to minorities. Note: do not just apply for one huge scholarship; apply for more than one and small scholarships (local, regional included)

Federal Student Aid

Students can prepare for college fee by compiling all of the documents required to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Tips for students, Comprehensive financial aid databases, and other important information can be gained through sites, such as FinAid!, Federal Student Aid: An Office of the U.S. Department of Education, America’s Career InfoNet, and

If you are taking out Federal loans, then take some time out to understand the repayment options, interest rates and other important points. You can consult ‘Your Federal Student Aid: Learn the Basics and Manage Your Debt’ to get detailed information.


Keep Away From Fraud

If you are getting a scholarship and you have not even applied for it, then that’s your “fraud alert.” Ignore the sites that are running on WordPress ( Also, never give any information to someone who says their firm requires your account or credit card information to hold a scholarship for you or asks you to submit a fee for a scholarship.

Planning for college is never easy but when degree comes to your hand, every challenge and every penny becomes worth it. Do not leave your ambitions just because you cannot afford the college fees.


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