Who’s The Richest American Idol

14 May

Short Fun Facts

American Idol has been one of the top reality shows in the American Television history since it began airing in 2002. This singing competition gave an opportunity to talented singers and made their dreams come true. The singers have been given concerts, gigs, shows, tours and many other different projects. Do you know which singers are making the most money?


  1. Carrie Underwood, American Idol Season 4 – ($20 million)


Carrie was the 4th winner of the show and has become a very successful country music artist since then. After winning the show, she had performed in around 83 concerts in just 12 months.

  1. Christopher Adam “Chris” Daughtry, Season 5 – ($8.5 million)


Daughtry was the fourth place finalist in Season 5 and has even been nominated for the Grammy’s. He is the richest rocker of the generation.


  1. Adam Mitchel Lambert, Season 8 – ($6 million)


Adam Lambert was the frontrunner in the American Idol Season 8 and has done around 116 shows in just one year.



  1. Fantasia Barrino, Season 3 – ($4 million)


Life was not easy for Barrino before American Idol but after winning the show’s third season, her life changed. She has been nominated for the Grammys for about seven times.



  1. Jordin Brianna Sparks, Season 6 – ($ 3 million)


Sparks was the youngest winner of the American Idol and debuted her album at the age of 17. She has released 20 singles and has been in shows as well.



  1. Kelly Brianne Clarkson, Season 1 – ($2.5 million)


Clarkson sold more than 10.2 million album in the U.S and more than 20 million worldwide but her earnings have dropped since last year. The fifth album might just be the comeback for her.

  1. Jennifer Kate Hudson, Season 3 – ($2 million)

Due to paucity of tour dates, Hudson’s yearly earnings dropped but she still is one of the most successful American Idol. In 2006, she won an Oscar for her role in Dreamgirls.

  1. Kellie Dawn Pickler, Season 5 – ($1.8 million)


Pickler ranked sixth in Season5 and had done nearly 80 shows in just one year. She is also a famous TV personality and music artist.


  1. Clay Aiken – ($1.5 million)

Aicken is the American idol runner-up from 2003. This 37-year old singer is an actor and writer as well. His debut album, Measure of Man has been number one on the Billboard 200 list.

  1. Katharine Hope McPhee, Season 5 – ($1.5 million)

McPhee released her first single in 2006 and it became the second best-seller of the year.




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