10 Aug

           (The Hymns of War)


                        Written By – Karan Bhatia

Blurb – Krishna is a common man, leading a simple and content life with his wife, daughter and parents. A twisted accident leaves the family shattered and exposed to attacks from the netherworld. The attacks are the small, but integral pieces of the bigger picture.

As the family fights back and Krishna struggles to prove himself as the man of the house, the darkest chapters from his past re-open, unleashing a torrent of pain and desolation. Krishna decides to embark on a spiritual journey to save his family.

Does he succeed?

How does his journey affect the impending war?

Invoked is the first book of the Hymns of War series.


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My Review – Like always let’s start with a quote –


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-2″

Date – Aug 10, 2016

Shelves – 3-5-starsauthor-giveawayblack-magiccurrently-readingemotionalhorrorIndian-authorkidone-time-readseriesstrong-male-characterthought-provokingthriller, wow


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Safe to say, I was quite scared while reading this novel, which according to the author, would turn into the series.

Characters – A very strong protagonist (Krishna), a brilliant supporting character Suddha, aka Krishna’s wife
Most loved – Krishna’s daughter Aashi

StoryThe story is about Krishna who lost his father a year ago. His mother has recovered but she is not behaving normally. She cannot be called mad exactly but she is becoming strange, doing bizarre things and staying closed up.

Krishna loves his small family and is willing to do anything to keep them safe. Maybe that is the reason he finds himself in such a chaotic world all of a sudden. His loved ones are here with him but he feels they are not safe.


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But who is trying to hunt him?
Who is Krishna fighting with?
Is Krishna’s dad somehow involved?

The novel was emotional and too strong for the soft-hearted people. I literally had to check the end once just to make sure of something. Trust me, I don’t do these things often and this novel made me take a peak of the last page.

Some important things about the novel:

– It was horror to the R. Man, I am not into two things, horror and incest and this had the former. It freaking scared me to the bones whenever a strange sound was heard by the protagonist.


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– The protagonist himself was quite a fearless person. Very brave. I would be completely out of my senses by the third page if I was in his place.

– Then, I also liked Krishna for his love towards his wife and patience towards his daughter. He was sweet, brave and a great protagonist. I really hope to read more about him.

Why I still rated the book as 3.5 is due to one sole reason: confusing sometimes.

The novel was going in a nice pace when suddenly it confused me, I understood later why what happened. The difference between dreams and reality was a little confusing.

Other than that, it was good.

To the Author – Brilliant work. Hope to read more of your works in future. You do have the skill of storytelling. Whatever you wrote, I saw with my mind’s eye and hence, your work was amazing!


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Good Luck!

P.S. if possible, do contact on GR, I have to tell you a few things.

Rating – 3.5 

Do I recommend? 
Yes, with complete honesty. You will love it if you like reading Non fiction. 

Nishtha Singh


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