20 Dec


There comes a time in your life when people will demean for no other reason but for what you are. That is the time when you think to yourself if what you are is actually bad. It could be any reason: Face, Height, Hair, Weight, Intelligence, Skills and most often your opinion. What does opinion actually mean? I know you must be thinking why I did not talk about the former reasons, well, my dear readers, if you are feeling down because you are being demeaned for what you look like then do not even think about it. They, who belittle you, have enough free time to do that but you shouldn’t be free enough to feel bad about it. That’s you, that’s what God made you and if He loved His creation and if you love yourself then those free comments from unimportant people should not hurt. Do not even hear those comments because if you do then maybe you are lacking the self-confidence. Self-confidence comes from your own heart and soul, it is not something that you learn at school or college.

What matters most?

Now, let’s get back to the opinion thing. I will be putting an honest example at the end as well. If you are sharing your thoughts and people do not like them, it is okay. Everyone has their own opinion about anything. However, if they say something and you feel it is in some way wrong, then speak up. Sometimes, the people argue back, let them argue, it is completely allowed in a conversation and let them speak their mind. If you show reluctance in hearing their comments, again, it is okay but if you shout and ask them to take their words back, it becomes intolerance.

Do not be intolerant as everyone has a right to speak their mind. This is called “the freedom of speech.” I am saying speech not fight. The minute the words change to throws and hair pulling or worse, guns and grenades, it becomes much more. Something illegal and wrong.

We are human, God gave us our mouth to not just eat but to speak as well. Speak Up, Speak Your Mind, Live and let live.

Some great writer once said, “Life is too short to think before speaking, the mind has done its work, let the mouth do its.”

An honest example as I promised before: Today, I was fighting with a person much much older than me, we argued for a long time and then, at one point, the person got so angry that the person shouted. I was too angry at that point to stop. Unlike the person, I kept my voice normal and my temper in control. The person then had the gall to tell me that because of my reluctance to accept his view, I would stay alone forever. I thought about it and came to a small conclusion. “If someone is stupid enough to just speak and not listen, then I would honestly prefer solitude.” Even an animal listens and barks. We, as humans, have complete right to say what we want.

Respect yours as well as other’s views. Sometimes your 6 is their 9.


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