Hello There!

This blog, page…or whatever people call this ‘thing’ these days, will mostly (95%) comprise of just book reviews, promotions updates, authors Q/A, discussions on what to read, best reads, etc. and the rest 5% will have reviews on things which some might want to know about, like best bass player, best guitar, recipes and random articles on Zika virus, influenza to educate you people about the spread of diseases.


Don’t worry, won’t bore you people with those “random articles”. They will be less and you can always ‘Skip’ them.


Now to the authors who are reading it, I do review novels and series but I am not always available so contact me on Goodreads or Facebook. I only take books I actually like so send the goodreads link as well.

I may not respond immediately because I have a “shitty” life. I am not free most of the time (sometime for weeks), so be patient.


I do not charge money or other shit for reviews. I love books and I only accept books I am going to read so I stay away from the money business. I earn fine from my job.

To the readers, you guys can help me with “what to read next” and “what to stay away from.” If you are confused about some book, ping me here or on Fb, I will comment back with a solution.



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