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COINMAN: An Untold Conspiracy
               —- Pawan Mishra


  I am speechless. I seriously do not know how to express my feeling towards this book in a single 400+ words review!

The reason is below:


Winner: 2016 eLit Book Award for Literary Fiction (Bronze)
Finalist: 2016 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor

Coinman, a junior level office worker in India, has a number of eccentricities. The laughingstock of the office, he finds no relief at home; his wife Imli, an obsessed actress, completely vanishes into each role. When tough bully, Hukum, beautiful enchantress, Tulsi, and the office sage, Ratiram, unite the office to conspire against Coinman, they have no inkling of an apocalypse looming inside the office.


My Review

I am an avid reader. If I get into a book, I just get “into” it. You won’t find me eating food, listening music, singing, dancing or doing other less important works in the middle (of reading). Coinman, a 200+ words book was short and thrilling. I knew that the story was good because of ‘ 2016 eLit Book Award for Literary Fiction (Bronze)’ (people do not just get it for no reason).

Hence, I started the book at 10:30 P.M. and finished by 3:17. The story was interesting, brilliantly written, comical, exciting and above all, original.

Why original? How many fictional books have you read that you can relate to? Have you read something that made you laugh so hard that the person sleeping next to you (in my case – my twin sister) wakes up and slaps you hard on the arm?(ouch! That did hurt but well, I deserved it, my sister did have an exam today)

Kesar, the Coinman, was quite an amazing character. He was incredible with his obsession of coins. His wife, Imli, was an obsessed actress that added fun and laughter to the story. His colleagues, well, I didn’t like them.

Kesar’s story was full of suspense and looked promising unlike the other “suspense” books in the market which define suspense as “killing one of your favourite characters in the end”. I love how the author described the characters, environment and especially loved the plot. The twists and turns were not confusing and made the story even more mirthful!

A man wants too many things before marriage but only peace after it.

Amazing quotes!!!

The author is a genius with writing!

Favourite lines —

“The hope is the best and the worst thing at the same time”

Still hope is a better companion than fear

“Most of a husband’s life is spent in doing research on his wife.” 

I didn’t know that, thankfully I am single. So, no worries of stalkers.

Ratings –
4.5 stars

The story was short, according to me. My friends on GR love it and I love it but I would have preferred a lengthier story. I would still recommend it  because currently it tops the “My favourite (Indian) book of the year”


I recently finished Game of Thrones Season 6 4th episode. I have already read the books. Waiting for more!

Next review


Take care!

Nishtha Singh


3rd week of March



First of all a big fat sorry to Tariq Saleim for not posting the review on time

I had read the first part of the novel last year but due to my exams, couldn’t continue. After the exams, I started with another novel, and forgot all about this novel.

Well, as usual I will be honest about the story.


So, most of you must be thinking why I left the novel and “forgot” to continue?

With the stress of exams, i couldn’t pick the novel and when my exams finally ended, (about a few months later) I had started with my favourite author’s book. He had send me the book from USA and I couldn’t resist starting it. “On the money” is a novel divided into several parts and I had read the first part which, I don’t know why, just signalled my brain that the story is over. So when yesterday I came in front of this book with a bookmark in middle, I got curious. I started the book again and MAN! WOW!

Blurb of the novel –


Born in one of the poorest suburbs of Lahore, ambitious Asad will soon be catapulted into the journey of life by some incredible circumstances. In his quest for love, money, fame and happiness he tries to tackle the ultimate challenge – can he have it all in life? Everything in life comes at the cost of something else. The more you have of something, the more you have to let go of something else, and this applies to money, too. There is no exception to this, and therefore it is important to know the true cost of your achievements. The more money you accumulate, the less you have of something else (often health, time, relationships, dignity, respect, etc.). Most of us are not able to fathom these costs up front, and when we finally understand, it is usually too late. You should ask yourself this question now: What am I willing to sacrifice for money? Remember your answers so that you will be able to revisit your responses later in life. Money that is earned at any cost usually comes at the cost of everything else. A banker by profession, Tariq Saleim has been the confidant of many successful individuals across his international career. He is a believer that true happiness comes from knowing what you want in life -and what you are willing to sacrifice to get it. ‘On the money’ is his first romantic novel that discusses time-tested moneymaking concepts and reflects on the hidden costs of our decisions in the process.

My Review –

On the money is a novel which is all about its “title”. The story is easy to read, easy to imagine and quite interesting. To say you can leave the story midst would be a lie, I read it in two sitting and was quite impressed with the storyline. Asad is a brilliant student, observer and a kind plus patient human. Salman came out as an amazing teacher and a benevolent man.



Remember this quote by Mahatma Gandhi ?

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

This novel was all about that quote or so it felt to me.

The novel is not just about fame and money but also about challenges….

Its about love, sacrifice, morals, reverence, and several other things we see as minor and unimportant.



The author defines the true meaning of money, makes us realize that money is not the most essential thing in life, it doesn’t make a man immortal even if he has all the money in the world.

Furthermore, Mr. Saleim has made me realise that love is not only about having but about sacrificing and respect does not come with money but with true heart and honest feelings.

The relationship between Salman and Asad was like that of a teacher and a student, like that of a father and son.    


The main characters were Asad, Salman, Samia, Kat and Omar. The story started with Asad and he is the protagonist throughout the novel though in between the novel, the author has written from other POV’s (point of views) as well (probably to make the story more clear). The love story is heartwarming. I liked Azad and Samia’s unrequited love story. Both the characters make the reader want to go inside the novel and force the couple to get together.

The English used is easy to understand, and the author has explained the words which were in different language so there was no problem in reading the novel. The story went smoothly, its hard to tell when it became too difficult to leave the novel.

I give it a 4.5 star and will end with a note.

“Write more! Your storytelling is awesome!”



Nishtha Singh


1st Week of March

1st Week of March


Fluffy and Me


by Anita Krishan (Goodreads Author)

 4.25  ·  Rating Details  ·  4 Ratings  ·  4 Reviews


A heartwarming true story of selfless love and boundless devotion that only canines are capable of showering.’Fluffy and Me’ is a journey full of laughter and tears, fun and fear. It is a moving, Sensitive, hilarious and deeply touching story of undying friendship between a young girl and her Lhasa apso, and of their escapades as life glides from childhoood to maturity in the pristine hills and valleys of the Himalayan town of Shimla

Review –

Remember hachiko? The dog story with Richard Gere as the hero , okay the Akita dog was the protagonist.  Remember falling in love with that little four legged specie?


I do. I remember loving the movie and crying my eyes out throughout the movie.

In this book, you will read a story where in the city Shimla (in 1960), many strange things are happening. The conditions are not good because India is not in peace with Pakistan and vice versa 

There is this little independent girl who wants nothing but a little dog. She gets him and names him fluffy. Fluffy is just like any other normal dog. He loves everyone in the family, hates everyone outside. Fluffy who makes the surroundings safer and pleasant is at first sight my hero. I love imagining him walking with a little girl, protecting her, acting like he is above all.


Actually, my love for this books ramped up because I have a little hero of my own. He is just like fluffy. The story of fluffy made me happy, content, and a little sad in the end (mostly, because the author made some facts clear, one of them being, you can live for many years, your animal/s can’t)


The story was about living in the moment, enjoying every part of it especially with a living being who accepts you for who you are. Dogs or any other pet doesn’t care what you look like or how intelligent you are, what matters to them the most is how much time you are spending with him/her.


I love you!!!

I love the book.
There were some editing problems. The date and year confused me but it didn’t sour the story!

Four.five stars.

Nishtha Singh


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14th, 15th and 16th February

14th, 15th and 16th February

Blurb —

Freedom – that is what Lilly Linton wants most in life. Not marriage, not a brood of squalling brats, and certainly not love, thank you very much!
But freedom is a rare commodity in 19th-century London, where girls are expected to spend their lives sitting at home, fully occupied with looking pretty. Lilly is at her wits’ end – until a chance encounter with a dark, dangerous and powerful stranger changes her life forever…


Enter the world of Mr Rikkard Ambrose, where the only rule is: Knowledge is power is time is money!


My Review —


Firstly, I will share a news, I started my work [writer in a financial firm] the same day Lilly started her work. I had to postpone reading this book now and then, but on the 14th Feb, I finally completed the story.


My take on the story —

What a story it was, a fierce heroine and a brooding Hero slowing getting to know each other. Lilly is a independent girl with huge aims and difficult family. All she wants is suffrage for both Men and Women, of course, most Men won’t allow that. According to them, a lady works in the house and the man brings bread.

A ludicrous saying, if you ask me.

Well, Our Hero, Sir Rikkard Ambrose supports and agrees with the thinking. Well, he hasn’t met Lilly. Lilly comes in his life as a lad, yep, you read right.


But this story is not like “She’s the man” as Ambrose knows Lilly’s real identity.

The story starts with lilly dressed as a man going to vote, she finds Ambrose and his employee, Karim on the way. She helps him with some business and he offers her (in a boy’s disguise) a job. She refuses and moves on towards her goal. What she doesn’t know how to act like a gentleman though, she by mistake, curtsies in front of a man in place of shaking his hand or bowing.


That leads to a chaotic rush to seize the girl and put her behind the bars. Ambrose finds her in such situation and does nothing which angers her to no certain end. She tells him that she has accepted the offer of working as his employee and walk off.


The next day, Lilly goes to the office only to be insulted and rejected but she is not like other women from the 19th century, she insults him back. At last, lost of all other options, Ambrose accepts her as an employee but also asks her to dress as a man.


They fight and make up, insult and make up, fight again…. And this cycle continues throughout the story. This book was a fun fun read, a little romantic and very interesting. How Ambrose starts accepting Lilly in the story is truly exciting and intriguing. I like Ambrose but I loved Lilly. She was what I would call a ‘Fireball’

Her friends especially Patsy made me laugh and kept me hooked to the story. This story ends in a cliffhanger so what will come next is yet to be seen (read)


‘Storm and Silence’ is also the Watty awards winner and Robert Thier has a massive fan list which I got to know after completing the book and reading ‘About The Author’


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25th January

25th January

ARC’S —–


That's Madhu in the cover.

The Mobile Phone
            ByPankaj Suneja

There is nothing better in this world than books.


The Mobile Phone is a story of connecting with child within. The story is set in Delhi and deals with the lives of Rohit, a tutor, and Prabhu, a child he teaches in the city. The author uses “the paper mobile phone” as a symbol to connect with someone who is absent. Someone we seek or someone who could hold us in our helplessness. The novel makes an attempt to understand death and deal with mourning. It looks at child’s play and fantasy life. It also looks at adults who are evolving in relationship.



This book is the second book written by Pankaj Suneja. Gulabi was the first book which had a short story (I will review it in my next blog)

What is The Mobile Phone about?

If you read the book, don’t just read it, understand the story. The story is about five different people.

••• Aakash –

“A man’s vanity is more fragile that you might think. It’s easy for us to mistake shyness for coldness, and silence for indifference.”

I read this somewhere and it reminds me of Aakash. Aakash was in army serving for the nation when due to an injury, he was rushed to the hospital. It was a major injury, he was in coma for a year, after that he was taken back home. He lives with his wife and son. The government gives him money for his work in the army every months which is the only income in the family.

••• Kumar —  The story started with him and he was the centre of the story. Kumar’s and Rohit’s relationship is friendly, happy and of love. The author didn’t take the relationship to a whole new level though. I would have liked to know if Kumar had those kind of feelings.

••• Rohit –Rohit is Kumar’s bestfriend, his room mate and Prabhu’s tutor. He is the one who plays a role in both the stories.

— Rohit And Kumar’s

— Aakash, Madhu, Rohit and Prabhu’s

••• Madhu Prabhu’s Mother, Aakash’s wife Madhu is a simple housewife who loves her son but strangely doesn’t know how to win his heart.

••• Prabhu — A smart kid.

The story is about these few people living in their world, expressing their emotions, feeling new emotions, mourning loss, getting through it and encouraging others to do the same. Prabhu found his peace through Rohit, Rohit through Kumar. A beautiful story if not long. The starting was great though the end was a bit fast, the author rushed at the end to explain some important things. He left some things to the reader’s mind.


Four stars.

A brilliant story, a lot different from his last one.


My copy

**** stars

Nishtha Singh

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