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God & His Girlfriend

God & His Girlfriend

Book Review: God and His Girlfriend

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Have you ever met a pretty girl in a suspicious condition with blood stained hands lying in a hotel room where you are staying in?
Can a love story see its acceptance in the Indian society when the boy is from slums and the girl is born in a rich family?
How many of you have met those girls who were molested by their known ones when they had not even crossed the age of 14? Isn’t forced and unwilling sex after marriage similar to a rape?
Whether the prayers offered in love strong enough to bring back someone’s lost beloved from PoK?
How many of you know a person whose deeds are completely ideal, something which only a God can do?
Whether religion, caste or community should really be a parameter in deciding the hierarchy and dominance of people living in this world?
God and his girl-friend is a mercurial story about two youngsters, from entirely different backgrounds who strive hard against their comfort to live with their passion. A boy from the slums and a girl from a rich lavishing family set out on an embarking journey to touch the moon. This takes them through many tests, eventually tying them up in love, followed by an unforgettable service to the nation as true stalwart patriots.


The First Look (Source: Priyank Aryan’s Facebook Page)

About the story:

There are only few times when I get to read a book that I can actually relate to. This was one of them. No, I am not a singer or in love with a boy from a different caste or society but I felt like I knew almost every person in the book. I could relate to the society, I could relate to the thinking, I could relate to the feeling of safety, happiness, fear or love. There was just so much in this novel, in this love story, that one would find addicting.

It had passion, it had patriotism and above all, it had love. “All’s well that ends well”… While reading this story…or well, editing it, I actually asked the author ‘Priyank Aryan’ many times if the end is good and he was like, “You will see.” I was angry. The guy had just given me 10 chapters of the book and I knew that at least 10 were still left. With every page, a new hope arose, a new feeling came and with each new chapter, something new happened in the story which was exciting and frightening at the same time. Finally, I received the next 10 chapters and I loved them. They just completed the story. They felt full, nothing was missing.

As an Editor, I enjoyed many things that normal people could not, like getting to read the first draft, the second and final one. While I was reading, the author himself didn’t tell me much about what would happen next in the story but he shared some of his thoughts on Ashfaque and Jessica. Finally, I can just tell you that the story is not just about love, it is about several other things which lay somewhere hidden in our society, like Child molestation, rape, racism, etc. I liked that the author raised many points in this book which normally some authors would be hesitant to write about. I liked that there was suspense throughout the story.

I will completely recommend this novel to you guys, its worth the six hours you would normally give to a movie that has arguably no meaning. This novel is entertaining, emotional and above all, a reflection to some darkest secrets that some of us keep in our souls till death.

Rating: *****

I would give it a five star, not because I edited it, or read it around ten times but because I know that even the eleventh read of this story would be as thrilling as the first one was.

About the author:

Contact him at and you can also follow him on fb page His other book “I am dead but my heart beats” is a best seller nationally.


Next Review:

Next one will be on “Blinks in Blackout” (Loving the Cover) By Dr. Hari Parameshwar.


Until Next time, “Keep Reading, Keep Dreaming”



Book Review

Book Review

           When Agni first spoke
                                        — VADHAN

Blurb —


Many years ago, an extraordinary cripple disappeared from a remote village, ending a time of terror. Not many knew that he gave his life to confine a malevolence, the Sutram, to its subterranean womb or that in doing so, he had prevented the apocalypse. 

Deep beneath the Earth the evil has lurked, fraying its shackles and plotting its escape, all the while gathering immeasurable power. Until now. 

When ace lawyer, Raghuram Surya, received an order of requisition from the Government of India for his ancestral castle, he was unaware of the Sutram beneath it or his own legacy. 

He will have to choose between the world’s end or his own.

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Point Ten Zeros Six None

(Fables Of Fatal Fate – Book 1)
                     —– Dhiraj Singh


Jeetu and Aashu are hopelessly in love with each other. And they profess to be each other’s soulmates in the next life too. As they embark on a journey of love and life together, they encounter several trying circumstances, which threaten to shake their faith in humanity. Can the power of karma and the strength of their love protect them and help them tide over their troubles? What happens to the people who betray their trust? Will karma catch up with them too? In God’s larger scheme of things, someone unfortunately must pay the price.


My Review – I will start my review with the author’s own quote 

“Love is a strange word. It’s the only thing in the world that makes life worth living for, dying for and killing for.”

Wow, Bollywood much? Romantic much? Thrilling much?

The best things about this books—

° You cannot leave it anywhere in between (try it, you can’t)


° The story is gripping from the first line.

° Has action, (Mr.Bhola with his six.three inch frame rocked) and suspense.

° The best female lead, Aashu is someone you can’t help but like. Nothing like those leads who are jealous every second chapter. She cares, trusts and loves Jeetu with all her heart.

° Jeetu, a brilliant character as the protagonist. He is not only head over heels in love with Aashu, he worships the ground she walks upon. I loved his sincerity. Also, the funny moments when he apologised to God for being the way he is.

° The book had an excellent story and even better writer who explained each and every thing in detail whether it was Aashu’s saree or the sun (I am being precise.)


I loved the book. I have to be honest. I did cry at one moment (I can’t tell when because that will be a spoiler)

The suspense was not predictable so it shocked me. 

Ratings –
Five stars

Worth the time and money.

I loved it!

Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.” 
― Zelda Fitzgerald

Nishtha Singh


31st January


Source - The reading room. Not porn

Today, I completed my first month with no gaps in posts. It was difficult but exciting. Sadly, I won’t continue with this in February due to life (wattpad, late reviews, less movies, hardly any studies, etc)

Let’s get back to the reviews

India Reloaded: Inside India’s Resurgent Consumer Market

by Dheeraj Sinha (Goodreads Author)

 3.71  ·   Rating Details  ·  24 Ratings  ·  5 Reviews

My rating – five stars


Blurb —

Brands and businesses from across the globe have tried to leverage the India opportunity, based upon simplistic and widely-held assumptions. This book takes a critical look at these myths and contradictions from an inside perspective, presenting a fresh and nuanced perspective on the opportunities that the Indian market offers. It draws upon a wealth of data, from consumer research, market data, macroeconomic research, popular culture and case studies, to provide a thorough and compelling insight into what makes for success in the complex Indian market, based upon two decades of experience. 


My copy


I started this book a week ago. I read the introduction with curiosity. I started with the chapters and read them slowly but steadily.

    This is not some fiction story which will force you to complete it in one sitting. Nope, its completely nonfiction and 99% who read the title know that.


Source - google

So what’s this book about?

As the title speaks, “Its about the developing India, the resurgent India.

Let me make one thing very clear, this book is for one —

— Who is a commerce student (guys, this is a must)

— Who is going to appear for a bank interview or Group Discussion (will increase your knowledge)

— Who is not reading the newspaper daily (I am not counting cricket news and entertainment news as news)

— Who wants to start a business (to understand your customer and market)

— Who wants to know about Indian market.

In this age of cut throat competition, the businessmen need to understand the wants of the customer. The author discloses the truth behind the success and failure of things in Indian Market. It is crucial to comprehend the market before taking a risk.


How even the big brands like Tata failed when they brought Nano or how single handedly brands like Sensodyne and Oral care from GSK accumulated a huge share in just three years, it is all revealed in this book by Dheeraj Sinha.

This book increased my knowledge on various subjects. There maybe some things in this book which you already know about but there are many other important topics which will surprise you.

I thank the author for writing it because it certainly did increase my economic, market and consumer awareness.


Not too lengthy, not too short.

To The Author – You could have sent me a paperback, I don’t need a hardcopy to review a book. Thank you.


Nishtha Singh

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28th January

Reviews –

Shatru (Kronickles #1)

by Vadhan



 4.60  ·   Rating Details  ·  291 Ratings  ·  220Reviews

It’s the end of our days. 
Our reality will be shattered. 
The foundations of the universe are set to be destroyed. 

A demon is unleashed from the underbelly of nature-
To take a father from a son, 
Kill a mother protecting her child, 
Destroy a world to kill one boy, 
Make a lover betray her man.

Even the Gods are powerless. 

Vengeance will rise, 
Worlds will fall, 
Evil will ascend… 
…Shatru will oppose it. 

If he does not, the one person who means the world to him will die..


I couldn't help making another cover


Yesterday I started reading this series. Only the the first part is out in the stores now, the rest will come soon (as told by the author)

Nishtha — This story is great…I am on the sixth chapter and I just can’t stop. The first two chapters were kinda less interesting but then the story picked itself up. Is this really the first novel by the author? Because you can’t be that good on your first try. 

Okay..enough said. Going back to Shatru. 
Jan 27, 2016 10:43AM

Today, I finished completing the story.

First of all, its not for children (below 12) due to the language used by the characters.

The story is about Shatru, he has some really awesome powers which will enrapture you. The story at first seemed dull (the first few chapters), it was confusing, divergent and mind boggling. Suddenly, I don’t know when it really happened, maybe in the fourth or fifth chapter, I just got so absorbed in the story that I couldn’t get myself out of it. I could not get up to do the normal chores. I wanted to know where this was heading. Within few chapters, Kris and Shatru became my favourite badass Indian fiction heroes.



There was humour, there was action, there was a story, there was a different world and there was the essence of my country in every chapter..what more could I ask for?

There were villains but so were heroes.


My copy

There were demigods and there were Asuras.

There was another brilliant fiction novel series!

Five stars

For a first attempt, this work was incredible.


I couldn't get a better pic with my Samsung S4 in such dull light

I heartily congratulate the author for such a tremendous work.

Keep it up.

Looking forward for the second part.


Nishtha Singh


13th January

13th January






Solving the Maze was supposed to be the end. 
Thomas was sure that escape from the Maze would mean freedom for him and the Gladers. But WICKED isn’t done yet. Phase Two has just begun. The Scorch. 
There are no rules. There is no help. You either make it or you die.
The Gladers have two weeks to cross through the Scorch—the most burned-out section of the world. And WICKED has made sure to adjust the variables and stack the odds against them. 
Friendships will be tested. Loyalties will be broken. All bets are off. 
There are others now. Their survival depends on the Gladers’ destruction—and they’re determined to survive. 

My Thoughts


I know this is from the movie and first part

You should check my past review to know my thoughts on the previous part of the series. I started this part late last night and because I knew today would be a busy day, I slept early.
        Started it again in the morning and then continued till breakfast. This story is not something you want to read while chewing your cereals.

Nope, it isn’t. Not if you want the cereal back on your bowl.

I will first start with the rating – 5 STARS

This book is especially for the fiction fans (Hunger Games, Divergent,etc)

Thomas was brave in the last part, in this one, he is ready to help whenever, whoever and however possible. Newt, Winston, Minho, Teresa are playing the second important parts.




I haven't seen the movie, just the trailer.

Waiting for the movie to come out in theatres in my country.

Excerpts —

It’s locked,” he muttered when he finally gave up, his arms falling weakly to his sides.

“Really, genius?” Minho said, his powerful arms folded and tensed, veins bulging all over the place. Thomas thought for a split second he could actually see the blood pumping through them. “No wonder you were named after Isaac Newton—such an amazing ability to think.”

Minho pointed at the screaming, bloody woman. “That’s what they keep calling themselves. Haven’t you heard it?”

“I don’t care if you call ’em pussy willows,” Newt snapped. “Find me something to break through this stupid door!” 


  I am quite upset to find all this hilarious …I feel like a sadist… But well, they are making me laugh, not my fault.

Pg 15 – Not feeling so hilarious now…I feel horrified.


“What’s going on?” Newt asked, looking back and forth between Thomas and Aris. “Why’re you guys looking at each other like you just fell in love?”

Pg 112 – I am suspicious about this Brenda girl.


Pg 114 – Its getting scary

The story is completely unpredictable. Anything can happen anytime, people betray, are betrayed, beaten, and killed. Aris and Brenda are new characters. There are more but I found them important enough to mention.

And some dreams of Thomas’s past.

***** stars

I am exhausted, it wasn’t lengthy but my eyes aren’t cooperating anymore.

Also, I am very excited about the third part of the book. I really like Thomas.

May the peace be upon you, Thomas


Nishtha Singh


12th January


Here comes another book with another world, new characters, new surroundings and best narration.



If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human.

When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his name. He’s surrounded by strangers—boys whose memories are also gone.

Nice to meet ya, shank. Welcome to the Glade.

Outside the towering stone walls that surround the Glade is a limitless, ever-changing maze. It’s the only way out—and no one’s ever made it through alive.

Everything is going to change.

Then a girl arrives. The first girl ever. And the message she delivers is terrifying.

Remember. Survive. Run. 




If you ain’t a reader of this book,
              You ain’t human



I am not

Page 11– This book is difficult to leave, rough language and quite unbelievable surroundings but very grasping. 

Page 11– Why is everyone calling me Greenbean?” he asked, shaking Chuck’s hand quickly, then letting go. “Cuz you’re the newest Newbie.”

Page 27– I am not sure I will be sleeping today

Difficult made up words

Klunk’s another word for poo. Poo makes a klunk sound when it falls in our pee pots.”

I heard it was boring…! WHO SAID THAT?


A quick excerpt —

“Wait a minute, have you guys ever—”
“Tried it,” Chuck interrupted before Thomas could finish.
“Tried what?”
“Going down in the Box after it makes a delivery,” Chuck answered. “It won’t do it. Won’t go down until it’s completely empty.”
Thomas remembered Alby telling him that very thing. “I already knew that, but what about—” “Tried it.”
Thomas had to suppress a groan—this was getting irritating. “Man you’re hard to talk to. Tried what?” “Going through the hole after the Box goes down. Can’t. Doors will open, but there’s just emptiness, blackness, nothing. No ropes, nada. Can’t do it.”
How could that be possible? “Did you—”
“Tried it.”
Thomas did groan this time. “Okay, what?”
“We threw some things into the hole. Never heard them land. It goes on for a long time.”
Thomas paused before he replied, not wanting to be cut off again. “What are you, a mind reader or something?” He threw as much sarcasm as he could into the comment.
“Just brilliant, that’s all.” Chuck winked.
“Chuck, never wink at me again.” Thomas said it with a smile. 


Page 89 – I hate GALLY!


Forgetting about you was the worst part

My thoughts

This book doesn’t need a review but a applaud.

At first, I thought its like hunger games but its not but yeah I love both Hunger Games and Maze Runner equally. Also, this book is from Thomas’s POV (a boy, that was the reason I wasn’t keen on buying it before …then I thought if I can read Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and Papertowns, then why not this?)

Hope the second one is just as thrilling!
Favourite character – Chuck. 



And I loved this one the best

For the fans of KATNISS AND TISS

Safe to say #James Dashner earned himself a fan.

Nishtha Singh


2nd January

The Italian’s Rags To Riches Wife

by Julia James


He’s planning a bedding – but not a wedding…

Allesandro di Vincenzo is a connoisseur of women. A perfect male specimen, there’s no woman he can’t have – until Laura Stowe crosses his path, and he discovers there may be an exception to his rule… 

There’s no other word for Laura than…plain! What’s more, she’s poor as a church mouse, and hides behind her homely appearance to avoid getting close to any other human being – including Allesandro… 

But her family connections mean that Laura unknowingly holds the key to the door of ultimate corporate power that Allesandro craves. So he must grit his teeth and charm this ugly duckling out of her shell and in between his sheets – where, like all his fleeting conquests before her, Laura will learn what it is to be a beautiful, desired swan…


My Thoughts


Wow…from the start till the end, this book was heaven. 
Where both the leads, Laura and Allesandro was equally independent, stubborn and easy to fall in love with.

The story starts in Italy, where Tomaso comes to know about his granddaughter after his Son’s death. He asks Allesandro to get her. Here, the story starts. The heroine is not the usual shy beauty but adamant not really beautiful British girl who is broke. The bills and taxes are piling up and she has no one to turn to. Just then Allesandro comes at her doorstep with a news. 

Laura has nothing to do with her grandfather, her father never cared for her and her feelings for her father’s side of family are none. But Allesandro brings her to Italy with a bribe. Allesandro is doing it to get the resignation letter from Tomaso so that he can finally be the CEO of the company. Tomaso is not a lost player, he knows how to turn the game in his favour. He also wants what is best for Laura, thus he makes a bargain with Alessandro…


A fairytale read

It was like reading Cinderella all over again, just the Cinderella was stubborn and spoke her mind, a wonderful change.

Loved the story.

Five stars! 

Nishtha Singh




I love Charlaine Harris and I love her even more when she answers my questions. So when I finished the last episode of TRUE BLOOD,




I LOVED THE SERIES! I can read it again and again, and never get bored!


I asked the author..


Nishtha asked Charlaine Harris:

I am not a huge fan of TV series but True blood was quite interesting. I completed the last episode today and wasn’t satisfied with the end. The book told a different and far better ending. I was very glad when ….(well you know) Were you satisfied by the TV series end? Who is your favourite character when it comes to the TV series?


This answer contains spoilers… 

The TV series really has to be considered as a separate entertainment event from the books. I think all the actors were very good; picking the right person for the right part is one of Alan Ball’s talents. The point at which the story ended on TV was somewhat the same as the point at which it ended in the books, kinda-sorta. Sookie was happy and happily matched with a human-ish guy. My ending had to have a little more drama, since I was drawing so many stories to a close.


Okay….Now that I think of it ..she is right.

Still I love the books more.


Take care!

Nishtha Singh



I know you guys might have read it before, but I had the privilege to read it this year.

The best suspense read of 2015 for me!


Let’s go through nominations first

1• Cuckoo’s Calling and Silkworm

TO SAY I WAS MIRTHFUL WHILE READING ‘Cuckoos Calling‘ would be an understatement, I was chewing on my nails, biting my cheeks from inside and I felt my cheeks flame whenever something unanticipated occurred Rowling was as always articulate, persuasive, humorous and surreptitious in her writing. Sometimes I felt agitated, sometimes benevolent and sometimes rhapsodic . My eyes bulged and narrowed on every second paraph…I suspected the murderer to be …well no lies ….I suspected every…literally every person excluding Strike AND Robin.
      This year I read it again so I don’t miss out anything or not misunderstand anything in ‘Silkworm‘  
   What can you expect from J.K.Rowling?

Every Damn thing.

So, when I came across this book. I knew she will easily pull this off and she did.

Oh how she did! I respect and love J.K.Rowling, her writing style, her narration, her use of words, her intelligent mind and the meticulous description of every thing. This book was actually a Raksha-Bandhan (an Indian Festival) gift from my brother followed by a hardcover copy of Silkworm this year. I read ‘Robert Galbraith’ and jumped on it. You see, I already knew J.K.Rowling was writing under this pseudonym and my brother knew how much I loved her books. I had completed Harry Potter in a week.
This book, wow, I am still speechless. J.K.Rowling is awesome.



MA’AM You are one Great Writer !….

2 • Mistress of the Game by Tilly Bagshawe



Sometimes you have to lose something for winning something” said by Tilly Bagshawe

My 2010 reviewDon’t judge me, I was too young.

LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK ….GABE,LEXI,ROBBIE..EVEN MAX WAS NICE …ITS NOT A TRUE STORY BUT IF YOU WILL READ IT , you will surely say “Hell!! this is what happens in this world, this is how people become rich”…….for the first time i felt like i m reading Meyer !!!or Collins ..though Collins is not my favourite but i like her books a bit…a book that made me sleep was the  …ugh…i hated it!!! damn wastage of time it was!!! but this one was worth reading!!!

Sometimes you just have to be smart enough to fool the world!! remember every end is the beginning!!said by Sidney Sheldon

Now, the real me, who does not use a flood of exclamation marks, so many love symbols and Well, that review was shit. I had posted it somewhere, today I just copied and pasted it.

So, What is this book about?

As this book is a suspense book, sharing anything more than the blurb will be spoiling it for you readers.

So I will post the blurb and then share some of my opinion about this novel.

Beloved number one internationally bestselling author Sidney Sheldon introduced the glamorous, scheming Blackwell family and its unforgettable matriarch, Kate Blackwell, in his worldwide bestseller Master of the Game. Now a generation has passed, and as the world has changed, so too has America’s own royal family.

Yet the intervening years have not lessened the Blackwells’ drama or talent for manipulation, domination, and passion. Though Kate is long gone, the children of her beloved granddaughters, Eve and Alexandra, battle to carry on her powerful legacy. Each is determined to control Kruger-Brent, Ltd., the multibillion-dollar international corporation with holdings in diverse industries around the globe. But only one can reign supreme. . . .

Lexi Templeton is a ruthless competitor with the brains and beauty to match. Raised by her psychiatrist father, Lexi burns to follow in her great-grandmother’s footsteps and become her own Mistress of the Game.

She is not alone in her ambitions. Her handsome and nefarious cousin, Max Webster, the son of Eve, will stop at nothing to own the prize of Kruger-Brent. Driven by hatred, jealousy, and blinding devotion to his bitter and twisted mother, he will seduce, betray, and even kill to succeed.

And there is another player with plans of his own: a little-known descendant of Kate’s great-grandfather. Growing up in poverty in Aberdeen, Scotland, handsome and cunning Gabriel McGregor is determined to fulfill his destiny . . a quest that will lead him deep into the heart of the Kruger-Brent empire.

In a family rife with secrets—murder, hidden identities, perversions—and a depraved sense of honor, the player who wins the game may be the only one who will survive.

Full of the late master’s trademark elements—remarkable characters, dazzling plotting, and a page-turning narrative style—this sizzling sequel vividly captures the master’s voice and irresistible magic. Vintage Sheldon, Mistress of the Game will enthrall loyal fans and introduce his enduring brand to legion more.

I liked the author’s way of representing the characters. Lexi appealed to me, I found Robbie’s character the most innocent and caring. I loved Gabe for his sharp knowledge of everything.
The story had a small suspense, if not big. I would recommend it.

3 • Dream Man –



This book made the hair on the back of my next stand up and shudder ( okay, I know I am exaggerating but wow!!!)

5.1 stars! Finally I giving it again. 

Linda Howard has a inner desire to cross all my expectations and then some more.

This book made me weep with excitement. I can’t explain it in a small review, I need to write an essay maybe.

Dane ( swooning ^_^ ) sexy Hollister is the definition of ‘A Hot Male Detective’ and he is very passionate about his work and duty so of course when there is murder in the city and no leads, he is determined to find the killer. His senior takes help of a psychic, our heroine who knows how to argue. Dane can’t control himself in front of her, he wants her, bad but he doesn’t believe in psychics so insults her.

But then, there is another murder, another girl killed viciously but no leads. Dane has no choice but to believe Marlie (the heroine and psychic). Something happened in her past due to which she doesn’t want the media to know that she is helping the police. 

The thing with Marlie is that she can see the murder happening, she is always inside the killers mind when he is doing it. And as she is in the killer’s mind only when he is doing the deed, she can’t see him or help the girl. 

This concept used by the author is so vividly used in the book that you won’t leave the book midst. 

The murder scenes are not gory, but will make you shiver.

The suspense is unpredictable and appraiseworthy!


4 • Mr. Perfect

I didn’t expect the end. 

It has a suspense okay? An awesome suspense. The book felt like a movie, Jaine and Sam were constantly fighting in the start ( and isn’t it common in every Linda Howard’s novel ? ) 

I can’t spoil it for you, I wish I could but Eeeeeeee! I can’t. You’d probably kill me for the big spoiler. 

The story is of four girlfriends who are quite close, they meet over for drinks one day and make a list, of a perfect man…


Good to both old people and children. 
Good looks
Comfortable money 

And much more…

but this list doesn’t remain a secret list, it spreads. One of the friends tells about it to another friend who demands the whole list, they laugh and giggle throughout the way but well that friend isn’t really someone who can digest a talk so she tells it to someone else, press. 

Well, suddenly they are getting call from a person, all four friends. They ignore it, thinking of it as a stupid prank call but well you wish it was. 

Then, there is a murder, and the story has just begun.

There is a romance going on throughout the story. I don’t think the b of boring can even touch the novel, its just soooo entertaining. stars

I giving them a lot lately but well…

I love Howard.

A few honourable mentions –





My favourite suspense novel is DREAM MAN.


Enjoy reading..:)

Nishtha Singh