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17th, 18th, and 19th feb

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Waiting to read it

With work comes responsibilities, I realised that this week.

So well, I couldn’t read much.
I completed “Storm And Silence” and “The Old Man And The Sea

Either book were different in story and genre.

I started “Fluffy And Me” written by Anita Krishan this week. Its okay so far, not exemplary but not dull either. Hoped for a better plot.

Other than this, I will be receiving paperbacks of “Coinman” and “ Psychaotic: See The World In Red And Black


I heard a bad news.

Harper Lee passes away.

image source -inshorts

Rest In Peace Harper Lee, you will always be alive in our world through novels and stories.

“To Kill A Mocking Bird” was a Pulitzer Award Winner and “Go Set A Watchman” is becoming more and more popular with days.


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I will update tomorrow.

Bye. Have a good day.

Nishtha Singh