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Question to Charlaine Harris



My favourite TV Series ‘ THE TRUE BLOOD ‘ is based on her book. She is the author of Southern Vampire Mysteries, the first vampire book that was both cryptic and mirthful. Charlaine Harris is also the writer of other book series like ‘Midnight,Texas’ , ‘Lily Bard’, ‘Harper Connelly’ ,’ Aurora Teagarden’ , ‘ Midnight Crossroad’, ‘ Grave Sight Graphic Novel’ etc.

And she answered my question!!!!

Yelling with excitement !!!

Me – I have read Sookie Stackhouse series twice and I love the protagonist ‘Sookie’. Actually, I am completely taken by the way you continue the story. Its like watching a movie, a long exciting movie. True Blood has a different story though, some characters are not in it. My question to you is ‘ Are you currently writing any Novel which is similar ( not by story but content like vampires, fairies ) to the Southern Vampire Mysteries?


Charlaine Harris – Nishtha, my new series is not that similar to the Sookie books. I wanted a complete change when I ended Sookie’s saga. Thought there are supernatural creatures in Midnight, Texas, they are not quite the same. The first book, MIDNIGHT CROSSROAD, is out in paperback now, and you might give it a try.



I am Eric-Sookie fan.


Till next time, live and let others live
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Questions asked by me ..

When I think of Zombies and love, only one thing comes to mind, WARM BODIES.

When you come to know that a sequel is coming, then ?

Well, a squeal of excitement.

Written by Issac Marion whose books are mysterious, exciting and fun.

A question to him

Me – Hello Sir, I find your books quite exciting and funny. Hope the next book of ‘Warm Bodies’ is coming out soon. Also, I find your writing a bit similar to John Green, I read his books before yours. Are you going to write something other than zombies? I love your books but I’d love even more to read something normal. I was never a zombie fan, nor am I now but ‘R’ has become my favourite protagonist.
I don’t consider myself a “zombie fan.” I’m not even sure what it means to be a “fan” of a particular mythological creature. To me, they’re just ingredients that can be used in any kind of story, good or bad. I like Game of Thrones, but not because I’m a “dragon fan.” I think The Shining is a great movie, but that doesn’t mean I’m a “ghost fan.”

But to answer your question: I will most definitely write something other than zombies. Warm Bodies was sort of an experiment. I wanted to see if I could use a pulpy horror trope to explore some serious themes and real human emotions. I think it worked, but I don’t plan to make a career out of quirky genre subversions. I doubt I’ll write about any other established pop culture element any time soon.

That said, I also doubt I’ll ever write anything quite as “normal” as a John Green novel. I’ll never write about modern American teenagers in love unless one of them is a throwback to homo neladi or the living embodiment of a black hole or something. I like my normal with a side of weird. I like real life through a warped lens.

Question to Isaac Marion—


My goodreads Review–

I loved the book. I hate zombies, like hate the thing that comes to my mind, that image of flesh eating dead human, whenever the name ‘ Zombie ‘ is spoken. So, I anticipated a different story. Uh huh , I hadn’t read the excerpt so this novel came as a beautiful and exciting shock. 

R has become one of my favourite protagonists and that says something !

I am badly, likely obsessively waiting for the next book to come in stores ‘



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