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Who’s The Richest American Idol

Short Fun Facts

American Idol has been one of the top reality shows in the American Television history since it began airing in 2002. This singing competition gave an opportunity to talented singers and made their dreams come true. The singers have been given concerts, gigs, shows, tours and many other different projects. Do you know which singers are making the most money?

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Dangers of Laminate Flooring

Dangers Of Laminate Flooring Formaldehyde

According to a revised report issued by many government agencies, all people who are exposed to formaldehyde in some laminate flooring could be undergoing adverse health effects. It was also found by the revised report which was released last month that lifetime cancer risk from the laminate flooring was higher than identified in the main version of the report.

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Planning Your Career?

Creating A Road-map For Planning Career

Education is evolving quickly. New technologies that change our way of learning and understanding are slowing making their way in the education field. Today, many colleges have their own applications which students use to share videos, documents and news. Before, laptops or PCs were important but today they are a must, both for online learning and college. At every level and for all people, rapid changes are coming to offer better means of education. You are never too old to study or to get that degree you wished to have. Are you funds not allowing? How to plan your career? What to do and what not to do while career planning?

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I do not believe in diet or exercise but I do love yoga

Five Most Popular Yoga Poses

Some people among us have to start the day early and hence, they do not have the time for meditation classes or hour long yoga. And then there are some who are too lazy to check their email and answer messages. But what if 10-15 minutes yoga boosts your stamina and saves your time simultaneously? You would think about it. Morning exercise is very essential for your body, just as important as your morning breakfast but if you cannot take some time out of your busy schedule to visit a gym then try yoga. Yoga is easy to do, no unnecessary lifting weights, no crunches and zero expense.

I will discuss the five most popular yoga poses that will make your morning fresh and bright, and make you feel relaxed throughout the day.

Now take a deep breath and start reading

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How To Promote Your Business?

New Business?


5 SEO Metrics All Small Businesses Should Prioritize

Almost all marketers face the problem of opening the analytics suite and facing a confusing pool of graphs, figures and stats.

Where to start from and which numbers should a small business focus on to get most profit out of the investments in digital marketing?

To monitor your business and to make decisions in respect to your business’s online growth, try prioritizing these five search engine optimization (SEO) metrics –


As this metric is generally the largest source of traffic on web, firms or businesses should concentrate on it to make their site popular online.

According to a 2014 Conductor study, Organic search accounts for around 64% of total website visits.

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To be honest, I am not much of a Chef…. i am just not a chef but i came across this cake and made it at home

Crumb Cake Recipe

Crumb cake is actually a German dish and is called Streuselkuchen in Germany. It is made of yeast dough covered with a sweet crumb topping referred to as streusel. Sugar, butter and flour are the main ingredients that are mixed at a 1:1:2 ratios. The people in Germany usually make the delicious cake on a baking tray and divide it into oblong pieces. German Streuselkuchen should be very flat, about 1 inch, so that the crumbs make about half of its height. Read the rest of this entry »


2nd Week of April

2nd Week of April

Feeling better now, fever and spots gone

So let’s continue with the talks on promotions..


What can be the cheapest but one of the best way of promotions?


Yep, you may not think so but reviews play a very essential role in your book promotions!

How so? And How to get reviews?


Take me for an example. I generally check the book’s reviews on before purchasing a copy. Yes, there are many others things I consider as well but if I like the reviews, I skip the rest. Also, because of the same thoughts I started writing reviews. Before, I wrote reviews of the books I purchased but now I mostly write the reviews of the books I have received for review. I take my time but still post in a month or so.

Now, the answer to the other question is simple. You can PM (personal message) the reviewers yourself or get your assistant to do it. Some reviewers charge money and I think its okay as reading a book in a busy schedule can be a hard task. I don’t charge money but take only the books I like (the excerpt or some cases the cover influence me.)

You have to clarify everything with the reviewer or blog writer and then mail him/her/them the book. Generally, some authors tend to take help from Goodreads, well let me tell you one thing, your Goodreads “giveaways” might not get you the reviews ‘always’ as Goodreads itself makes it clear that “please if possible then write a review.”

Those may not be the exact same words used but they mean the same. I took part in giveaways before, still do sometimes and have seen this thing with other readers (some of them my fellow Goodreads friends) —- they post a two or three line review. This review is equal to the rating so it doesn’t really qualify as a review. Please try to get a reviewer who is ready to post a good and an honest review.

Secondly, look for a blog writer who has good fan-following. I do not have a following on WordPress but have about 60k readers on wattpad (a very good app). You can check with wattpad authors too.


I will conclude with this last point,

I know people think cover doesn’t matter but sometime (with lost cases like me) it does. Try not to make your cover look dull. The cover should be able to speak a little about the story and if possible, it should be able to capture attention which is possible only if it is  –



Take this cover for example, it tells a lot about the story, it is different and pretty.

Now, let’s take another example.


All these things I’ve done, another brilliant story with an equal awesome cover. The covers matters, not much, but if its your debut then do spend on the cover.

Nishtha Singh

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25th,26th,27th,28th,29th Feb

Things to consider while writing



Never forget these points and read them carefully :-

• Check grammar, enable spell check on your word document.

• Describe your characters completely, from the tip of their hair to the curve of their foot, from the round/straight face to long/short legs, etc.


Source - GOOGLE

• Read the draft again and again, and cut out what you think is repeated.

• Write till you can. Don’t stop writing. Try to write from two point of views. The suspense is better that way.

The suspense is best when something you least expect happens.

• Get inside the character. Feel, smell, taste and live in your surroundings. Jot it all down. From the porch to the kitchen, write all that you can.


• Listen to songs while writing a romantic play. It helps a lot.

• Try not to start a sentence with ‘But’ or ‘And’. Use articulate and simple language. You don’t want your reader going through dictionaries to understand the meaning of a word.

• Keep the language simple where wanted. Not in all places. For example, while explaining a character’s physique, use strong comprehensive words. Not common words.

• After getting the first draft completed, get it reviewed. Recheck it yourself. Check the number of words.


• If the review is positive, continue with the second draft. Don’t lose patience and hope if the review isn’t positive, continue with the book. Ask the reviewer what the mistakes were. Remember a writer always likes his/her books, it’s sometimes not good for the book. I have read several novels which I sadly thought were not worth my time or money. So please get the book reviewed before publishing it.

• Love your characters. Even the villain, remember in his (villian’s) own eyes, he is just the victim not the bad man/woman.

• I have seen in several books that the writer uses his national language or just any language in dialogues. Either don’t do that or do it with proper translation. Also, don’t over do it.



Now this is the last point and the most crucial one…

Whether the book is your debut or 50th, it doesn’t matter, give it time. All writers have writer blocks, you will suffer from them too. If you do, then do what other things you like to do. If you continue with the book and write nonsense, then you just killed your script right then and there.

Next blog will be about promotions!


Source - google

Bye! Will add more points in this section soon.

Nishtha Singh


17th, 18th, and 19th feb

A concise blog


Waiting to read it

With work comes responsibilities, I realised that this week.

So well, I couldn’t read much.
I completed “Storm And Silence” and “The Old Man And The Sea

Either book were different in story and genre.

I started “Fluffy And Me” written by Anita Krishan this week. Its okay so far, not exemplary but not dull either. Hoped for a better plot.

Other than this, I will be receiving paperbacks of “Coinman” and “ Psychaotic: See The World In Red And Black


I heard a bad news.

Harper Lee passes away.

image source -inshorts

Rest In Peace Harper Lee, you will always be alive in our world through novels and stories.

“To Kill A Mocking Bird” was a Pulitzer Award Winner and “Go Set A Watchman” is becoming more and more popular with days.


Source - reading room

I will update tomorrow.

Bye. Have a good day.

Nishtha Singh


12th, 13th feb

12th, 13th feb

The romance day is coming guys!



So, which novel comes to your mind when the genre ‘romance’ is discussed?


My top favourite romantic reads…

There are just so many books that I have to select from! I have to think twice before naming them. These are the books I read last year and found heartwarming. I hold them close to my heart. They made me laugh, cry, whine, pout, swoon, giggle and sob.

Hope they have the same effect on you.


Source - The Reading Room

Top Ten names —

– Someone To Watch Over Me – Lisa Kleypas

– Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

– What Price Paradise – Katherine Allred

– Duncan’s Bride – Linda Howard

– The Fault In Our Stars – John Green

– Lover Awakened – J.R.Ward

– The Mason List – S.D.Hendrickson


“Love hath no bounds,
                     It is incense and proud;
It can not be scathed by people or crowd,
            Love is blind and has no sound”
                                                      – Me

– The Promise of Jenny Jones – Maggie Osbourne

– Fugly – Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

– The Trouble With Tomboys – Linda Kage

– Sweet Lullaby – Lorraine Heath

– The Sweet Gum Tree – Katherine Allred

– Silver Lining – Maggie Osbourne

– Annie’s Song – Catherine Anderson

– The Mating – Nicky Charles

– The Endearment – LaVyrle Spencer

– Hollywood Dirt – Alexandra Torre


Series — And below are my favourite series under genre ‘Romance.’

Give me a kiss, and to that kiss a score; Then to that twenty, add a hundred more.

Robert Herrick, 1648

The Wallflower Series – Lisa Kleypas

– Georgina Kincaid Series – Richelle Mead

– Hush Hush Series – Becca Fitzpatrick

– Wife Lottery Series – Jodi Thomas

– The Hathaways Series – Lisa Kleypas

– Forbidden Men Series – Linda Kage

– The Unwanted Series – Natasha Anders (the first two parts are my favourites)


And that’s my list. Reviews are in my goodreads account and some are available in my blog.

Happy Valentines Day

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” 
― Helen Keller


Nishtha Singh