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A Kickass Heroine

    —- By Allyson James AKA Jennifer Ashley

My rating:

[ 5 of 5 stars ]

The first time I read this book, I was so impressed by the story, I kept it in my favourite books column. 

Today, I completed it again and I am equally affected. I cannot give it less than 5 stars.

Many spoilers, go at your own risk —


What the series is really about?

First book – The STORMWALKER

– Janet, the protagonist is a complete badass from riding a Harley to controlling storms.

– About Stormwalkers

– About Dragons

Coyote, Trickster God and much more

– A Sheriff named Nash who is a unbeliever (one who doesn’t believe in magic) and is immune to all inhumane powers.

– About the magic beneath Earth 

– Dragons sent Mick, a dragon to kill Janet, the Stormwalker because they fear she has the magic of beneath, one that can seriously harm the earth. Mick, the male lead realises after meeting Janet that she is nothing like her mother, and she is trying to control the magic. He also falls head over heels in love with her but he keeps his secret (of being a dragon) hidden from her. On the other hand, Janet loves Mick but can’t take his domineering attitude anymore. She can’t fathom why he can leave her whenever he wants and she can’t, so she decides to leave him. Mick is angry and in disagreement but let’s her do what she wants. 
               After five years, he is back in her life again. This is where the first book of the series starts. Did I mention that we have a Peeping Tom i.e a coyote, a trickster God in this book who is also a voyeur?



Second book is about Firewalkers aka Dragons. Mick is called by the Dragon council and he needs Janet’s help. Janet, the owner of Crossroads Hotel with the help of Nash, the sheriff {the best sheriff in town 😉 I love the man.} comes to Mick’s rescue. In this book, we enter the dragon colony morelike dragon lifestyle. Magic mirror comes to help again and the love life of Maya and Nash progresses.

2.5th Part – DOUBLE



– ‘Double Hexed‘ is a very short story and in continuation to the Firewalker. Some of you must have read it as a anthology in the




– Then comes, Shadow Walker, this part of the series is my favourite because magic and action is in most part of the book. A shadow has touched Mick, his aura is suddenly grey and white not his usual red and orange. We meet some new characters who are not so loving. Grandmother and Gabriel, Janet’s half sister are comparatively more in this book.



I haven’t completed the next two parts of the series which are –



This book is a self-published one, I didn’t know authors could do that with a series. Its about the vampire Ansel, who is a guest in Crossroads Hotel. Some supernatural beings are after him and he seeks Janet’s help. Janet has her own problems, Coyote’s wife, her father’s marriage, Half sister Gabrielle, and Mick’s behaviour (again)



Will be out in 2016, excited about this one.

Mick’s real name is Micalerianicum.

A wonderful series! Exciting, gripping and a supernatural read!

Some favourite lines in the book-

1- Anyone ever tell you that you’re a lunatic, Begay?”

“Sure, all the time. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”

2- “Hey, baby,” he said, grinning. “Miss me?” Don’t know about Janet, I sure did.

Nishtha Singh

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