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Book Review

Book Review

           When Agni first spoke
                                        — VADHAN

Blurb —


Many years ago, an extraordinary cripple disappeared from a remote village, ending a time of terror. Not many knew that he gave his life to confine a malevolence, the Sutram, to its subterranean womb or that in doing so, he had prevented the apocalypse. 

Deep beneath the Earth the evil has lurked, fraying its shackles and plotting its escape, all the while gathering immeasurable power. Until now. 

When ace lawyer, Raghuram Surya, received an order of requisition from the Government of India for his ancestral castle, he was unaware of the Sutram beneath it or his own legacy. 

He will have to choose between the world’s end or his own.

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           (The Hymns of War)


                        Written By – Karan Bhatia

Blurb – Krishna is a common man, leading a simple and content life with his wife, daughter and parents. A twisted accident leaves the family shattered and exposed to attacks from the netherworld. The attacks are the small, but integral pieces of the bigger picture.

As the family fights back and Krishna struggles to prove himself as the man of the house, the darkest chapters from his past re-open, unleashing a torrent of pain and desolation. Krishna decides to embark on a spiritual journey to save his family.

Does he succeed?

How does his journey affect the impending war?

Invoked is the first book of the Hymns of War series.


To be read books

– See more at:… 

My Review – Like always let’s start with a quote –


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-2″

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Let The Game Begin
                               By – Sandeep Sharma


Before I start with the review of the book, I will share a quote written by the famous author

“The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” – Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms.

Blurb —

Two kingdoms, Chaturanga and Sarprakt, separated by a mystic mountain range are at war with each other since ages. Chaturanga, ruled by King Viratha, is soon bestowed with a dynamic heir, and the whole kingdom is drowned in rituals and festivity. On the other side, Sarprakt is executing a cruel conspiracy. King Viratha, crippled by the conspiracy, urges the mysterious man of the mountain to devise a method to recreate the conspiracy and that gave birth to ‘The Game of Chess’.


My paperback

Serial killings shock the nation as the police are rendered clueless. The killer leaves behind a trail of chess pieces with a strange message. Random people are murdered. Connoisseurs of different fields – History, Chess and the Security forces – have united as the next intended victim is the most powerful person of the country. How is Chess involved in the whole scenario? How will they find a man who died 4000 years ago? Can a person defy the laws of nature? Does history really repeat itself? Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

Quote —

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt, Choosing Simplicity

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COINMAN: An Untold Conspiracy
               —- Pawan Mishra


  I am speechless. I seriously do not know how to express my feeling towards this book in a single 400+ words review!

The reason is below:


Winner: 2016 eLit Book Award for Literary Fiction (Bronze)
Finalist: 2016 National Indie Excellence Award for Humor

Coinman, a junior level office worker in India, has a number of eccentricities. The laughingstock of the office, he finds no relief at home; his wife Imli, an obsessed actress, completely vanishes into each role. When tough bully, Hukum, beautiful enchantress, Tulsi, and the office sage, Ratiram, unite the office to conspire against Coinman, they have no inkling of an apocalypse looming inside the office.


My Review

I am an avid reader. If I get into a book, I just get “into” it. You won’t find me eating food, listening music, singing, dancing or doing other less important works in the middle (of reading). Coinman, a 200+ words book was short and thrilling. I knew that the story was good because of ‘ 2016 eLit Book Award for Literary Fiction (Bronze)’ (people do not just get it for no reason).

Hence, I started the book at 10:30 P.M. and finished by 3:17. The story was interesting, brilliantly written, comical, exciting and above all, original.

Why original? How many fictional books have you read that you can relate to? Have you read something that made you laugh so hard that the person sleeping next to you (in my case – my twin sister) wakes up and slaps you hard on the arm?(ouch! That did hurt but well, I deserved it, my sister did have an exam today)

Kesar, the Coinman, was quite an amazing character. He was incredible with his obsession of coins. His wife, Imli, was an obsessed actress that added fun and laughter to the story. His colleagues, well, I didn’t like them.

Kesar’s story was full of suspense and looked promising unlike the other “suspense” books in the market which define suspense as “killing one of your favourite characters in the end”. I love how the author described the characters, environment and especially loved the plot. The twists and turns were not confusing and made the story even more mirthful!

A man wants too many things before marriage but only peace after it.

Amazing quotes!!!

The author is a genius with writing!

Favourite lines —

“The hope is the best and the worst thing at the same time”

Still hope is a better companion than fear

“Most of a husband’s life is spent in doing research on his wife.” 

I didn’t know that, thankfully I am single. So, no worries of stalkers.

Ratings –
4.5 stars

The story was short, according to me. My friends on GR love it and I love it but I would have preferred a lengthier story. I would still recommend it  because currently it tops the “My favourite (Indian) book of the year”


I recently finished Game of Thrones Season 6 4th episode. I have already read the books. Waiting for more!

Next review


Take care!

Nishtha Singh







Britain, 2052. In a world of war, disease and hunger the UK stands alone as a beacon of prosperity under an all-powerful ruling party. Life at new school Logres seems promising for fifteen-year-old Gwenhwyfar, and quickly she falls for the school’s handsome catch, Arthur. When Arthur’s rival, Lancelot, returns after a suspension, her heart is soon divided. Realising that behind the UK’s prosperity lies unspeakable cruelty, Gwenhwyfar sets off on a path to dismantle everything the government stands for. Suspenseful, raw and awash in a dystopian setting, The Future King: Logres is a story of identity and discovery against this backdrop, the second coming of the Arthurian legend.


Source - Google

My Review – I had two books in hand when I started reading this week. One of them was “ A Game of thrones (A song of ice and fire Part 1)” and another was “The Future King – Logres”

I am not comparing the books or anything. I am just telling that my instinct went with TFK-L and I started the book. I know nothing about Arthurian legends. I read this book (the first 70 pages) to just READ. After 70 pages, I guess I was in the (Britain of 2052) other world.

I have never been to Britain. I love Jane Austen, Lisa Kleypas, and J.K.Rowling.

Gwen came out as a strong character throughout the book. Arthur was in my eyes a ‘gentleman’ with the way he treated Gwen and Lancelot was a …well he was big “?” Lancelot was the character who looked a little like this guy.


And Arthur


Gwen stole the show though. She was fierce, easily trusting and not dumb. Her and Arthur’s story was quite interesting. The book is isn’t dull. I knew since the start that it was the first part so there might be some things unexplained.


The editing was good, there were some mistakes (like punctuation) in the story but overall the story was meticulously edited.


The story went slowly, it was lingering. There were some things that I think I didn’t need to know, like the conversations between characters. The story is set up in a different time zone and I liked that very much.

The best thing – The love triangle! The jealousy brewing!


If you have read “All these things I’ve done”, you will see some points similar, for instance, the lack of real chocolates. The author is quite good with creating a new atmosphere, characters and above all plot.

Favourite character – Gwen

It is the first part and I am very excited about the second! Hoping to read it very soon!


Rating – 4 stars

The book is a little lingering which is why I cut a star.


Do I recommend this – HELL YEAH!


Nishtha Singh


3rd week of March



First of all a big fat sorry to Tariq Saleim for not posting the review on time

I had read the first part of the novel last year but due to my exams, couldn’t continue. After the exams, I started with another novel, and forgot all about this novel.

Well, as usual I will be honest about the story.


So, most of you must be thinking why I left the novel and “forgot” to continue?

With the stress of exams, i couldn’t pick the novel and when my exams finally ended, (about a few months later) I had started with my favourite author’s book. He had send me the book from USA and I couldn’t resist starting it. “On the money” is a novel divided into several parts and I had read the first part which, I don’t know why, just signalled my brain that the story is over. So when yesterday I came in front of this book with a bookmark in middle, I got curious. I started the book again and MAN! WOW!

Blurb of the novel –


Born in one of the poorest suburbs of Lahore, ambitious Asad will soon be catapulted into the journey of life by some incredible circumstances. In his quest for love, money, fame and happiness he tries to tackle the ultimate challenge – can he have it all in life? Everything in life comes at the cost of something else. The more you have of something, the more you have to let go of something else, and this applies to money, too. There is no exception to this, and therefore it is important to know the true cost of your achievements. The more money you accumulate, the less you have of something else (often health, time, relationships, dignity, respect, etc.). Most of us are not able to fathom these costs up front, and when we finally understand, it is usually too late. You should ask yourself this question now: What am I willing to sacrifice for money? Remember your answers so that you will be able to revisit your responses later in life. Money that is earned at any cost usually comes at the cost of everything else. A banker by profession, Tariq Saleim has been the confidant of many successful individuals across his international career. He is a believer that true happiness comes from knowing what you want in life -and what you are willing to sacrifice to get it. ‘On the money’ is his first romantic novel that discusses time-tested moneymaking concepts and reflects on the hidden costs of our decisions in the process.

My Review –

On the money is a novel which is all about its “title”. The story is easy to read, easy to imagine and quite interesting. To say you can leave the story midst would be a lie, I read it in two sitting and was quite impressed with the storyline. Asad is a brilliant student, observer and a kind plus patient human. Salman came out as an amazing teacher and a benevolent man.



Remember this quote by Mahatma Gandhi ?

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

This novel was all about that quote or so it felt to me.

The novel is not just about fame and money but also about challenges….

Its about love, sacrifice, morals, reverence, and several other things we see as minor and unimportant.



The author defines the true meaning of money, makes us realize that money is not the most essential thing in life, it doesn’t make a man immortal even if he has all the money in the world.

Furthermore, Mr. Saleim has made me realise that love is not only about having but about sacrificing and respect does not come with money but with true heart and honest feelings.

The relationship between Salman and Asad was like that of a teacher and a student, like that of a father and son.    


The main characters were Asad, Salman, Samia, Kat and Omar. The story started with Asad and he is the protagonist throughout the novel though in between the novel, the author has written from other POV’s (point of views) as well (probably to make the story more clear). The love story is heartwarming. I liked Azad and Samia’s unrequited love story. Both the characters make the reader want to go inside the novel and force the couple to get together.

The English used is easy to understand, and the author has explained the words which were in different language so there was no problem in reading the novel. The story went smoothly, its hard to tell when it became too difficult to leave the novel.

I give it a 4.5 star and will end with a note.

“Write more! Your storytelling is awesome!”



Nishtha Singh


20th January

       —- Sandip Khade



“When we read a novel, all the characters in it are suppose to be fictitious; and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, must be entirely coincidental, right? But what if one day you find a Novel and when you start reading it, you feel that you know the characters in it? You feel that you are familiar with the incidences in it. Will it be just a coincidence…?

Sometimes some people come in our life, they live and then leave, with a hole in our soul, which we can feel but can’t fill, we try to survive but end up DeadAlive”

My Review —


It’s a almost four star actually.

“The heart has its reasons—of which
reason knows nothing.”

—Blaise Pascal … The story was a suspenseful one. To all those readers who don’t believe in dropping the book amidst. 

Why you should read this book—- 

If you’re looking for a different story, looking for a new author, a cute love story, looking for a book at cheap price, are travelling, then this is it FOR YOU.

It was a book that made me curious from the start about the mysterious novel which the protagonist found in the packet. Honestly, I wanted to creep in to the last pages but being a strict reader, I didn’t. I loved the cover, it was going in sync with the title of the book ‘DeadAlive’. As for the love story, it was lovely, from friends to lovers. 

Looking forward to new books by the author.


Giveaway for this book –

Heartbreaking news

Pak University attacked by terrorists, 25 dead, many injured.

I can never understand why some …don’t know what to call them, they are not humans…. Well, whatever, RIP students who died. They believe in their God, I do too and I know they will pay for this, again and again …there is no heaven for terrorists, just plain old nasty burning HELL.



I will leave on a happy note…



Nishtha Singh


14th January

              – JAMES DASHNER




Thomas knows that Wicked can’t be trusted, but they say the time for lies is over, that they’ve collected all they can from the Trials and now must rely on the Gladers, with full memories restored, to help them with their ultimate mission. It’s up to the Gladers to complete the blueprint for the cure to the Flare with a final voluntary test.

What Wicked doesn’t know is that something’s happened that no Trial or Variable could have foreseen. Thomas has remembered far more than they think. And he knows that he can’t believe a word of what Wicked says.

The time for lies is over. But the truth is more dangerous than Thomas could ever imagine.
Will anyone survive the Death Cure? 


I will start with my thoughts while reading the book..

••• Pg 14 finally we know why they were thrown in the glade.

••• “Well, that settles it for me,” Minho answered. “If Aris and Teresa are for it, I’m against it.”

Lol, Minho Is Uberawesome.

••• Okay I really really like Thomas’s honesty and calm nature but the best thing I like about him is his way of reading people.


••• Its getting exciting but scary.

••• “Dude, you tried to slice my you-know-whats off!”
Thomas laughed, something he hadn’t done in a long time. He welcomed it happily. “Too bad I didn’t. Could’ve saved the world from future little Minhos.”

Wow, how they are coping is well, incredible.

••• Cranks are sounding like zombies…

••• Oh God….this is just.

••• Shit! This isn’t happening. OMG.




Okay, finished with it. It was scary, terrifying but absolutely suspenseful as well. Thomas was his usual self; brave.



Minho won the game though. I actually find him more heroic than Thomas and Newt.

Teresa and Brenda, well they are okay.


The story started with quite a lot of promises, I knew this was the last part, the ultimate end. Though, some people might find the end impulsive and capricious but I predicted it. I knew something like that would happen. I also was happy with it.

Nah scratch that!

I was satisfied with the end. Happy would sound like I wanted the person to die… (Nope, not telling you), I didn’t want that.

I am giving the series a four star though…

There is just this one reason..
We know this book is fiction and blah …

But the writer left some things untold.

Also, yeah the epilogue was completely unnecessary. I like the acknowledgements more.

Kidding about the last line.


Some more details would have been better

But seriously its okay that some people had to die but WICKED IS GOOD? What was that about ?


I still prefer hunger games to Maze runner but honestly I am glad I read it and every single minute I lost reading this book was worth it.

Nishtha Singh

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12th January


Here comes another book with another world, new characters, new surroundings and best narration.



If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human.

When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his name. He’s surrounded by strangers—boys whose memories are also gone.

Nice to meet ya, shank. Welcome to the Glade.

Outside the towering stone walls that surround the Glade is a limitless, ever-changing maze. It’s the only way out—and no one’s ever made it through alive.

Everything is going to change.

Then a girl arrives. The first girl ever. And the message she delivers is terrifying.

Remember. Survive. Run. 




If you ain’t a reader of this book,
              You ain’t human



I am not

Page 11– This book is difficult to leave, rough language and quite unbelievable surroundings but very grasping. 

Page 11– Why is everyone calling me Greenbean?” he asked, shaking Chuck’s hand quickly, then letting go. “Cuz you’re the newest Newbie.”

Page 27– I am not sure I will be sleeping today

Difficult made up words

Klunk’s another word for poo. Poo makes a klunk sound when it falls in our pee pots.”

I heard it was boring…! WHO SAID THAT?


A quick excerpt —

“Wait a minute, have you guys ever—”
“Tried it,” Chuck interrupted before Thomas could finish.
“Tried what?”
“Going down in the Box after it makes a delivery,” Chuck answered. “It won’t do it. Won’t go down until it’s completely empty.”
Thomas remembered Alby telling him that very thing. “I already knew that, but what about—” “Tried it.”
Thomas had to suppress a groan—this was getting irritating. “Man you’re hard to talk to. Tried what?” “Going through the hole after the Box goes down. Can’t. Doors will open, but there’s just emptiness, blackness, nothing. No ropes, nada. Can’t do it.”
How could that be possible? “Did you—”
“Tried it.”
Thomas did groan this time. “Okay, what?”
“We threw some things into the hole. Never heard them land. It goes on for a long time.”
Thomas paused before he replied, not wanting to be cut off again. “What are you, a mind reader or something?” He threw as much sarcasm as he could into the comment.
“Just brilliant, that’s all.” Chuck winked.
“Chuck, never wink at me again.” Thomas said it with a smile. 


Page 89 – I hate GALLY!


Forgetting about you was the worst part

My thoughts

This book doesn’t need a review but a applaud.

At first, I thought its like hunger games but its not but yeah I love both Hunger Games and Maze Runner equally. Also, this book is from Thomas’s POV (a boy, that was the reason I wasn’t keen on buying it before …then I thought if I can read Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and Papertowns, then why not this?)

Hope the second one is just as thrilling!
Favourite character – Chuck. 



And I loved this one the best

For the fans of KATNISS AND TISS

Safe to say #James Dashner earned himself a fan.

Nishtha Singh



I know you guys might have read it before, but I had the privilege to read it this year.

The best suspense read of 2015 for me!


Let’s go through nominations first

1• Cuckoo’s Calling and Silkworm

TO SAY I WAS MIRTHFUL WHILE READING ‘Cuckoos Calling‘ would be an understatement, I was chewing on my nails, biting my cheeks from inside and I felt my cheeks flame whenever something unanticipated occurred Rowling was as always articulate, persuasive, humorous and surreptitious in her writing. Sometimes I felt agitated, sometimes benevolent and sometimes rhapsodic . My eyes bulged and narrowed on every second paraph…I suspected the murderer to be …well no lies ….I suspected every…literally every person excluding Strike AND Robin.
      This year I read it again so I don’t miss out anything or not misunderstand anything in ‘Silkworm‘  
   What can you expect from J.K.Rowling?

Every Damn thing.

So, when I came across this book. I knew she will easily pull this off and she did.

Oh how she did! I respect and love J.K.Rowling, her writing style, her narration, her use of words, her intelligent mind and the meticulous description of every thing. This book was actually a Raksha-Bandhan (an Indian Festival) gift from my brother followed by a hardcover copy of Silkworm this year. I read ‘Robert Galbraith’ and jumped on it. You see, I already knew J.K.Rowling was writing under this pseudonym and my brother knew how much I loved her books. I had completed Harry Potter in a week.
This book, wow, I am still speechless. J.K.Rowling is awesome.



MA’AM You are one Great Writer !….

2 • Mistress of the Game by Tilly Bagshawe



Sometimes you have to lose something for winning something” said by Tilly Bagshawe

My 2010 reviewDon’t judge me, I was too young.

LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK ….GABE,LEXI,ROBBIE..EVEN MAX WAS NICE …ITS NOT A TRUE STORY BUT IF YOU WILL READ IT , you will surely say “Hell!! this is what happens in this world, this is how people become rich”…….for the first time i felt like i m reading Meyer !!!or Collins ..though Collins is not my favourite but i like her books a bit…a book that made me sleep was the  …ugh…i hated it!!! damn wastage of time it was!!! but this one was worth reading!!!

Sometimes you just have to be smart enough to fool the world!! remember every end is the beginning!!said by Sidney Sheldon

Now, the real me, who does not use a flood of exclamation marks, so many love symbols and Well, that review was shit. I had posted it somewhere, today I just copied and pasted it.

So, What is this book about?

As this book is a suspense book, sharing anything more than the blurb will be spoiling it for you readers.

So I will post the blurb and then share some of my opinion about this novel.

Beloved number one internationally bestselling author Sidney Sheldon introduced the glamorous, scheming Blackwell family and its unforgettable matriarch, Kate Blackwell, in his worldwide bestseller Master of the Game. Now a generation has passed, and as the world has changed, so too has America’s own royal family.

Yet the intervening years have not lessened the Blackwells’ drama or talent for manipulation, domination, and passion. Though Kate is long gone, the children of her beloved granddaughters, Eve and Alexandra, battle to carry on her powerful legacy. Each is determined to control Kruger-Brent, Ltd., the multibillion-dollar international corporation with holdings in diverse industries around the globe. But only one can reign supreme. . . .

Lexi Templeton is a ruthless competitor with the brains and beauty to match. Raised by her psychiatrist father, Lexi burns to follow in her great-grandmother’s footsteps and become her own Mistress of the Game.

She is not alone in her ambitions. Her handsome and nefarious cousin, Max Webster, the son of Eve, will stop at nothing to own the prize of Kruger-Brent. Driven by hatred, jealousy, and blinding devotion to his bitter and twisted mother, he will seduce, betray, and even kill to succeed.

And there is another player with plans of his own: a little-known descendant of Kate’s great-grandfather. Growing up in poverty in Aberdeen, Scotland, handsome and cunning Gabriel McGregor is determined to fulfill his destiny . . a quest that will lead him deep into the heart of the Kruger-Brent empire.

In a family rife with secrets—murder, hidden identities, perversions—and a depraved sense of honor, the player who wins the game may be the only one who will survive.

Full of the late master’s trademark elements—remarkable characters, dazzling plotting, and a page-turning narrative style—this sizzling sequel vividly captures the master’s voice and irresistible magic. Vintage Sheldon, Mistress of the Game will enthrall loyal fans and introduce his enduring brand to legion more.

I liked the author’s way of representing the characters. Lexi appealed to me, I found Robbie’s character the most innocent and caring. I loved Gabe for his sharp knowledge of everything.
The story had a small suspense, if not big. I would recommend it.

3 • Dream Man –



This book made the hair on the back of my next stand up and shudder ( okay, I know I am exaggerating but wow!!!)

5.1 stars! Finally I giving it again. 

Linda Howard has a inner desire to cross all my expectations and then some more.

This book made me weep with excitement. I can’t explain it in a small review, I need to write an essay maybe.

Dane ( swooning ^_^ ) sexy Hollister is the definition of ‘A Hot Male Detective’ and he is very passionate about his work and duty so of course when there is murder in the city and no leads, he is determined to find the killer. His senior takes help of a psychic, our heroine who knows how to argue. Dane can’t control himself in front of her, he wants her, bad but he doesn’t believe in psychics so insults her.

But then, there is another murder, another girl killed viciously but no leads. Dane has no choice but to believe Marlie (the heroine and psychic). Something happened in her past due to which she doesn’t want the media to know that she is helping the police. 

The thing with Marlie is that she can see the murder happening, she is always inside the killers mind when he is doing it. And as she is in the killer’s mind only when he is doing the deed, she can’t see him or help the girl. 

This concept used by the author is so vividly used in the book that you won’t leave the book midst. 

The murder scenes are not gory, but will make you shiver.

The suspense is unpredictable and appraiseworthy!


4 • Mr. Perfect

I didn’t expect the end. 

It has a suspense okay? An awesome suspense. The book felt like a movie, Jaine and Sam were constantly fighting in the start ( and isn’t it common in every Linda Howard’s novel ? ) 

I can’t spoil it for you, I wish I could but Eeeeeeee! I can’t. You’d probably kill me for the big spoiler. 

The story is of four girlfriends who are quite close, they meet over for drinks one day and make a list, of a perfect man…


Good to both old people and children. 
Good looks
Comfortable money 

And much more…

but this list doesn’t remain a secret list, it spreads. One of the friends tells about it to another friend who demands the whole list, they laugh and giggle throughout the way but well that friend isn’t really someone who can digest a talk so she tells it to someone else, press. 

Well, suddenly they are getting call from a person, all four friends. They ignore it, thinking of it as a stupid prank call but well you wish it was. 

Then, there is a murder, and the story has just begun.

There is a romance going on throughout the story. I don’t think the b of boring can even touch the novel, its just soooo entertaining. stars

I giving them a lot lately but well…

I love Howard.

A few honourable mentions –





My favourite suspense novel is DREAM MAN.


Enjoy reading..:)

Nishtha Singh