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Cafe Latte

                    – AMIT SHANKAR



I posted a review on Goodreads once but it was so concise and inadequate, I had to post again. The stories are short and sweet, hence, I can’t spoil the fun for you by writing about them.


The Shorter Review–

18 short stories together in a book.
I don’t like short stories much but this book written by Amit Shankar is simply grasping. I read it during a long journey and I liked most of the stories.

Worth the time!
You looking for short stories?



The Adequate Review–

I already reviewed this book once but I didn’t really mention anything about the book itself so here it is-


Good things about the book —

– The stories are not THAT short

– The stories were complete

– Some of them will make you say,” Holy..”, so be prepared.

– The writer knew what he was writing so the suspense is unpredictable.

– Some stories may just become your favourites. My favourites were many, especially the one about the doctor and suicidal patient, and the one with the person who could foresee things.

– There was also this story about a phone call that seriously rose the hair on the back of my neck.

– I read it during a journey, I hate travelling so if I liked this one, the credit goes to this book

No doubt, I am going to try the other books by the same author.


Bad points —

I will tell you when I find out for myself.


Also, the cover is awesome!

Shyna Cliffe

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