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Best philosophical book 2015

Best philosophical book 2015

          ‘A PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SOUL’                  

                           BY- JOSHUA K. LINDEN

Unlike other books, this book is not about the cultural and religious problems but about ego, complacency and wisdom.


A series of thoughts that will inspire you and guide you in your present and future.

A collection of seventy nine short essays which are well written, arranged and quite meticulously demonstrated. This book will provoke you to think about your own view of life. Chapters are very carefully organised and presented. ‘The Sound of Water’ is one of those books which will guide you, give you a better view towards spirituality of life, instruct you about wisdom.

‘The ego is fundamentally about image and appearance.’ 

So true..

The important thing is not to read this book but to comprehend it.

“Many cultures believe God is He. Some believe God is She. Other culture say God is neither, or many, or does not exist. Cultures attribute many characteristics to God.”


In my culture, We believe God is in every single thing, in your parents, your friends, in a child, in sun, in moon, in one’s mind and soul. I don’t think God is a He or a She but a hope which helps when everything goes wrong and chaotic, a source which brings peace and calm to the mind.

The author also defined ‘Karma‘ in the 61th essay, in Indian culture, we describe ‘Karma‘ as the sum total of a human’s activity which determine his next incarnation (rebirth) but some people believe ‘Karma‘ is “What you did and are doing, you will receive back so endeavour to do what you want to get from the other end.” 

A book I recommend to everyone.. Doesn’t matter how young or old you are, this book is truly a reflection on the condition of human soul, his spirit.

“Feeding the ego starves the soul.”

A 5.1 star read!


Shyna Cliffe.


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